The Team

Hello Hello!!!

Dust the cobwebs off your armor, refresh your thrusting tips and find your eartips!

Lets do's been too long.

The plot team has assembled...

Mitch Trowbridge, Nancy Watson and myself.

Oh, and some special cameo appearances that I can't mention....because it would just rock your socks off!

Seriously, I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, and hey, lets hit each other with sticks too....since,'s what we do! :twisted:

We have some great stuff planned, and I'm super excited to be working with such an experienced team. An incredible new area has been created straight from our twisted minds, and I hope to see familiar and new faces alike the last weekend in March.

Check the boards often, as we will be putting up stuff regularly, and also...who are you playing? I want to know all about you (i.e. send your character history).

That's it for now...ask away any questions you might have, and YAY! See you soon!

Amy Landsberg


Public Relations Committee
So when do we assult you with backgrounds? I want to send mind in after I am done typing it up, but, I don't want to overwhelm you all. I am really excited about playing in So. Michigan again.



Chicago Staff
¿is this going to be a new chronicle? that is, will this be attached to the last Kzoo plotline or is it blanka raza?


Public Relations Committee
Good question John. I do not want to spoil some of the mystigue of appearing through the mists. But, will this be seperate or attached? Also do you gals and guys need any donations. I have to imagine that your prostetics and such are kinda old and grummy.




Time for some Southern Michigan NERO Action!!! Can't wait to play guys! See ya'll at the end of March!!!

Character Histories -

Start the barage!

Old Plot Lines -

It will be possible for PC's to try to continue on some old plot lines, mainly those of the Detroit campaigns. Anything that carries over will be up to those PC's, so while it is possible to pursue those things (explanation/direction will be given IG), everything we are writting is new for a brand new area. Feel free to send any specific questions about this to the above email address.



I am happy to hear a new chapter is opening up in the area and it doesn't hurt that it is being run by a very experianced plot team that has been apart of many different campaigns! From the sounds of it a lot of old players and new players will be at the opening event as well as a lot of out of towners so it should be SUPER FUN! You might want to get to makin some extra bunk-beds;) Can't wait for the first event!



The Meeker team is ready and excited to NPC the crap out of S MI. If you have any charecters IG you need played, pm me and I'll start rehersing, lol. The who island thing is making me all jumpy!


Wisconsin Staff
If the crew from down here comes up, then I will probably play Bart, he has become a fav of mine though by no streach is Ractor gone yet.
I'll be there...

I'll be playing Jehan... Amy I will forward you my background and some pertinent information about Moi.

Who does logistics go to? Cuz I need to pre reg.