Thoughts on the Rumors


While I know a great deal about what is going on in the lands, I admit some of the rumors circulating are a mystery to me. Here is what insight I can share, I welcome others to add to this knowledge:
  • I don't know anything about golems from Foundry
  • The Unhindered Lands are the lands to the south and east of the Duchy of Eastlands. The lands extend in a "L" shape along the coast of Kundirk from the Swamp of Senility on the west (short leg of the L) to the Lake of Signs in the north (long leg of the L). These rumors match much of what I've heard from the area.
  • I am not a secret penguin (which is exactly what a secret penguin in hiding would say!).
  • The Ebonwood is located to the west of the Swamp of Senility and the elves who live there are very proud of their heritage and are unlikely to offer their Queen as marriage material to any non-elven kingdom. The Ebonwood elves also highly prize pyromancers in their caste society so it would be difficult for a non-caster to be well respected there.
  • I know nothing about his majesty's love life. Not my squirrel, not my nuts.
  • The Red Wisps appear to be related to issues related to the Kin, speak with Blue for more information.
  • The strange group sounds like someone working for the Oni, people should not interact with them.
  • The Lightning elementals are free with information so that makes sense that they would share with others besides us.
  • I know nothing about the Celestines' activities except when they choose to come see us.
  • Talk to the goblin about the elementals.
  • Don't know anything about a masked fighter
Hope this gives people some more insight into what they're hearing. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Travel safely,


I agree with Sir Penguin.

General warning on the wisps. Last time they were in an area we found these crystal stones with markings on them afterwards.


Use a cloth or gloves when removing them. They do some kind of mental compulsion that will hurt when you fight it. Be safe!


I believe those stones are related to the biata from the former Freygurd. I've experienced them being used to use the biata's mental abilities but I'm not sure exactly how. There were reports of small stones found on the kyn the Freygurd were using. Let's talk at this next market as you may have found some of the remaining holdouts trying to harm the kyn refugees around Mathis' tower.


Additionally, The "lightning man" is probably someone attuned to the plane of lightning, and not specifically an elemental. They have NOT been free with information since the war began as knowledge given gets balanced by the plane of dust. If you come across someone attuned to lightning and they seem to suggest malicious deaths, they are likely very dangerous.