Town Council Gathering #2

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((On this day (5/29) runners are sent out to the areas of town to let folks know that the leaders of the various guilds are going to be gathering together in the main gathering hub just outside of the tavern. Any characters that are around town and interested in joining in to listen to these announcements are welcome, a copy is also scribed down and shared with the denizens of the town of Haven. ))

A gathering is called for the general populous once again. As the town gathers around the benches, it is clear that spirits seem to be a bit higher amongst all of the townsfolk gathered around. Smells of meat cooking nearby the tavern waft over the gathering, the sweet smoky scent of pork smoking. The leaders of the various groups in town have gathered once more and the meeting is announced by a few rings of the bell outside of the tavern.

In attendance:
  • Avon Belisarius representing the Celestialists Guild
  • Grand Inquisitor Godfrey representing the Rumerian Inquisitors
  • Goffry “Jeffery” Winterwind representing the newly reformed Healer’s Guild
  • Nathaniel Knight representing the Hunter’s Guild
  • Inquisitor Holt of the Rumerian Inquisition

As the group starts gathering, Godfrey hops up on the table once again in a familiar fashion to the last one, he clears his throat and looks around to ensure he has the gathered folks attention. In a more serious sounding voice than many are used to, he starts into it.

“Hey everyone, welcome back to town for those of you that went out to help out with all the various objectives that we had laid out before, I know each of us plans on talking a little about them, but I hope to keep this shorter than the last and to the point. If you would like more details about any of the objectives that went on, I would encourage you to gather in the tavern or track down the people mentioned by each of us here.”

“As for the groups that I sent out I will start with the group that was sent out to the nearby fortress. Archie and Val are the pair that went out there along with a handful of the remaining Inquisitors from the barracks. This pair showed incredible bravery going and attacking the unknown and not only going in without knowing what they were in store for, they actually succeeded on their missions and took down the main structure. We were not able to gather as much as we wanted to from here, but they should be able to tell you more about that. Vincent Burke is still there even now setting up his lab, he is keeping an eye out for any approaching troops while also continuing his research.”

“The pair that opted to go behind enemy lines and spread misinformation seems to have gone successfully from what we’ve heard. While we do not have constant spies or any one in their ranks feeding us information. Arrelion and Sandro took it on themselves to go and discuss troop movements. We will see in the near future how successful they were in their actions, they should have some of the newest information on the Capital.”

“As for this next period, we are hoping to work together with the Healer’s guild and give everyone some general training on both combat and first aid practices. Even if you might not feel like you need it, keeping up with your training is important, and you might even find you’ve grown in some of your skills.”

With that Godfrey resumed his seat on the bench and next Nathaniel stands up and grins a slightly intoxicated smile at all of the townsfolk.

“Some of y’all might be smelling the luck that we had on our way back, we stumbled upon a boar on the way back, and I had no idea how fast Ilise could run to chase after a delicious looking meal. She put me to shame with how quick she was able to tackle and stab the creature. Then this one here, Serraby, such nimble and quick fingers! I’ll wager that she could lace up your shoelaces to each other if you’re not paying attention and she’s feeling particularly mischievous. Our task went pretty alright, we didn’t quite have enough hands for all of our locations but we put in some good effort, and we’re hoping it’ll pay off. Not much in the way of other stories to talk about, but some drinking money and fun stories around the campfires while we were out in the woods.”

“There seems to be a lot of things we are waiting on for a little, and we probably can’t head back to those scouted camp locations because the Crimson are hopefully starting to move into. So instead, I thought it might be fun to lead a small party around the nearby area and see if we can’t find some more meat for the stocks, or maybe something a little more exotic too. Those that aren’t interested in training in town may want to go wander, have some drinks, and see what we can find.”

With another smile and nod to the group he resumes his seat. During this Holt can be seen chatting with Godfrey and whispers to the others asking if they could meet after all of this meeting is over in private. As the others agree Belisarius stands up on his own and stretches a bit before standing and addressing the crowd.

“Hello everyone, I had some new siphons that were being tweaked within the guild. Araphae, Ira, and Madrigal were all kind enough to go out and try to gather some essence from the elementals around the lightning rod, this is an oversimplification, but I’m sure they’ll happily tell you more about their encounter. They were able to bring back plenty of essence for me to research on myself and hopefully better understand the weirdling elemental. While I am doing this research I think I heard that Orpheus had planned to go and look into some matters with one of the labs, I’m happy to be a gathering point to send you off to help him. Thank you again for your assistance you three.”

Sitting down carefully Jeffrey pops up next and dives into it.

“Hello everyone, the pair that stayed with me were Daxter and Vereth, and regardless of what you have heard of them, they both were instrumental in helping and keeping me safe as we wandered in the old city, lifting rubble, wandering into buildings, and even helping some of the elderly in our camps here. I cannot offer them enough thanks for their time, and hope to see them and maybe more of you around in the near future, or maybe during the training we’ll be doing with Godfrey in the near future! By the smell of it I think the meat is almost done, lets conclude here and go eat, I’m starving.”

With that, the gathered group broke off and Nathaniel went over to the boar roasting over the fire and cut off chunks for anyone that stuck around to enjoy some.

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