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After a day of rest after the...thing destroyed the gate, Ruki made his way to the tavern and around town, hanging up posters.

"Wanted: One Permanency ritual. Can pay in coin, rituals (name the ritual and I'll see if I can get it to you), reagents or whatever else. Please contact Ruki Lanark, Lore Warrior of the Arcane Sanctum."
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Having exhausted what he thought were a number of promising leads, Darien looked up from his midday meal in the tavern at the apparently well used and perused notice board there. Pulling out a spare sheet of parchment, he began to write. Some minutes later, he posted his note on the way out the door:

"Currently seeking spell store rituals. Pay, trade, ritual castings, or other favors all considered. Though I am not 'Necessarily' on a time line, sooner would be better.
See Adeptus Major Darien Mor"
Ruki comes by and takes down his old poster and replaces it with:

"In search of Arcane Armor rituals or items and a Poison Trigger ritual.

Willing to trade rits, coin, reagents and favors.

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