Wards, Spellcrafting, Wards, Battlemagic Scrolls

Zee title says it all,

Who needs a ward at zee next gather? Or spellcrafting, or battlemagic scrolls.

I sell em cheap, and a portion of all proceeds goes to victims of adventuring mishaps.


Jehan T. Wyldweaver

I could probably maybe use a ward...it kinda depends where I end up sleeping I guess.....


You are welcome to one. I am certain zat we can find you safe sleeping quarters.

What sort of sleeping arrangements are currently available in your lands? I has been so very long since I last visited...
I do so look forward to seeing you Jehan :)


Tad Ron stays with me while here as to other members of HOG. If you would like I can ensure there is a bunk for you.

Nahani and Jehyu,

I don't have access to many wards, but if you both want to stay with me my door is always open, and mates are welcome of course.

Jehan, I will be at the gathering as well, please let me know if you need me to prepare and wards or ready and spellcrafted rituals for the Solar Guild.

Depending on where myself and my employee bed down for the weekend, we may have need of one.

Wild Rose
Owner of the Wild Rose Adventuring and Trading Company

You are all set, I have a ward for you.


So do I. I have mizzed your counzel and company. I am always happy to share space vith you or you can stay vith your guild of course.


Done. I have a ward for you az well.

Wild Rose,

Time draws short before I pack my supplies, I can ensure you vill have no large trouble finding sleeping quarters. I vill prepare one additional ward for you in case it is needed. If you have a need, I vill cast it, otherwise no worries, I know you are new to our lands.

Jehan T Wyldweaver.
Where ever I end up, Im going to need a Limited Circle of Power scroll to Spellcraft off of.

Liddia or Jehan, do either of you got me covered?


I vill of course dig in my crap for a spellcraftable scroll. I haven't put up a non permanent circle in a long time...so I dont know if I still do. Get back to you soon.

Hang on...spellcraft off of?.....vhat gives.

Fair...enough...don't tell me zat Durk has gone completely soft on me though....please?

I still can't read, if that means anything to you.

Also, I wont have my activates to heal you this gathering, Link


Much gratitude

Wild Rose
Owner of the Wild Rose Adventuring and Trading Company

Ward me? We can have a party.

With love and laughter,

Talk to me about a Circle