Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: Flooded Mine


Reports have come in that a mine near Badril’s Rest has recently been discovered to be the den of a variety of monsters. Matters are complicated by the fact that the mine shafts are flooded and there is a steady stream of water and monsters exiting the mouth of the cave.

Initial scouting has shown that collapsing the mouth of the cavern with explosive traps would only channel the water elsewhere and could create a new opening closer to Badril’s Rest. The Wayfarer’s Guild will be co-ordinating its support staff to evacuate the surronding area and eradicate whatever monsters leave the immediate area arround the mine. We are currently exploring options to collapse or otherwise destroy the mine without the use of explosives and will be providing tools to assist the adventurers at the time of dispatch.

While not critical to the success of the dispatch, interested parties of the Royal Arcanum and Torpenhow have made requests to the Wayfarer’s Guild to recover materials and equipment from the mine that might otherwise be destroyed. If the source of the monsters can be removed without the destruction of the mine, the Wayfarer’s Guild has been given leave by local nobility to use the mine as a resource for future endeavours. These requests can be completed at adventurer’s discretion and are strictly optional.

-Jaquiline Oddway

Wayfarer’s Guild Dispatcher