What we learned at the June Gathering.


This is actually a very important issue: did I connect you with the spirit of the mists, or the spirit of a man named Arden? Because we found out that the spirit in the mists' name is actually "Terran". If you are connected to Terran, it would be an enormous boon for us.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the seekers.

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Minor point, Terran is a pseudonym. Working on his real name.

Ah. My mistake, I missed that fact. Regardless, his name is not Arden, that was the name of the other person near the ritual, correct?

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Up until you asked I would have said it was Arden. However I believe now that it was Terran. The Spirit communicated with me in feelings and images. This is normal for my interactions with spirits though.

That said I was connected to the mist and perhaps the land some. That's somewhat normal for me so I didn't recognize it when it happened. I simply don't see how, given what we know of these two, or how a spirit of a man would fit all those criteria.

I will be spending my nights close or in the mists until we gather.

Sorry it has taken so long to respond. My mind and thoughts are elsewhere at the present time and much to be contemplating.
Siegfried, he is the being who taught Genesis I believe. I was inside of a memory stone of his. Or rather it was a memory of a biata friend of his, but pertaining to things Siegfried had done.
These memories are of a personal significance to me and I would care not to discuss certain aspects openly yet. I need to learn more first.
On another note, I have come to an awareness of my innate connection to the spirit realm. I hope that this is something that will become useful or helpful to our endevors. It is something that I am going to be exploring more fully in the near future. One useful thing that I have discovered, I can ease the transition of spirits during resurrections. Hopefully this isn't something I have to use often.
If more knowledge is needed on the Siegfried matter, I would discuss privately. I do not mean to be secretive, but this involves my family and while not necessarily a private matter, I am still trying to figure out somethings in regards to it. Unfortunately my mistrust of other adventurer's intentions when it comes to personal matters of family comes from too many times being burnt from their greed.


While I am currently occupied, I will be available to assist in the examination of the unusual magical situations/events/entities on the next Market Day(s).
What did we learn last market day?
1. Clan poop of the stone elves are still building hollow elves. Other clans have stopped. Clan €%#|<€, the guys with XXXX on their headbands are assassins. Their leader is powerful but he is afraid of me. And now that they no longer have a common enemy in the heart of the forest. There appears to be dissension in the ranks.
2. Bandits learned the hard way that stealing from king klous is a bad idea. After they attempted to eviscerate me with fruit and vegetables, I was given little choice but to slaughter them all.

I know I left out something important. Please add it