Where can our Strength be built.


Raleigh Staff
If there is anyone in our fine town that has not heard of the past marketday's events, I would be suprised. I cannot begin to describe just what a humbling experience it is to be put in the position of choosing between bring seen as the instigator of war, but improving our chances of success, or to stand as an honorable man that did what was right at the time, but see the land that I've come to love decend into conflict with a far weaker position. It is a choice I would wish on no man and it was my expectation to be forever haunted with the repercussions of my choice.

Happily in the end we were able to end the conflict without violence. I cannot take credit for the eventual resolution, indeed in my position there was little I could do to turn things one way or the other, and I found myself depending on others to do what I could not. It is no secret that I and Liddia have some outstanding issues, of which I do intend to address with her at the first opportunity, but in this case she showed herself to be willing to do all she could to prevent harm to the town and for that I thank her. To those of you that disagreed with my choice, I have accepted the loss of your respect, love, and high consideration as a cost that was unavoidable in this instance. I will speak plainly that given the ability to go back in time, I would still make the same choice for the same reasons I made it the first time, but I hope in time you can come to respect my reasons, if not my actions and that we can rebuild our bonds and stand ever stronger for it.

To the common folk, I had no right to expect the support you have shown us and I cannot describe the intensity of my feelings of honor and gratitude your actions have prompted. Such support went a longway to fill the hole left in my heart that making such a choice had left and I once again pledge to do all I can to assure that you will be able to continue to live freely and safety until my last breath has left me. I also urge once again that you let us know of any issues or problems you may have, be they big or small, for the Order owes the people of Briarpass more then we can ever possibly repay.

Finally to the adventurers of Briarpass, now is the time to reach out to those that would work with us. I know the ability to function freely is at the heart of many of you, and this can best be achieved by building bonds on our terms. Let us reach out to help those we can, so when problems such as these rise again in the future we have their support. Freedom from outside interferences cannot be achieved without building bridges and connections with those that would deal with us honorably.

With a humble heart and a focus on the future,

Lurin Tuhan, Leader of the Earthen Fist


Chicago Staff
The real question is, why is "Freedom from outside interferences" so integral a portion of your philosophy? I don't wish to cause a row, but it seems as though there is an unhealthy preoccupation in Briarpass with autonomy. Briarpass, at its core, is a collection of minute-men and specialists, not administrators and bureaucrats. With the sole exception of Sheriff Hennessy and Lord regent Rockfist, no one, I know of, has created any lasting edifice or concrete addition to the region. Certainly, we all have pitted our body and spirit against the many (many, many) threats and debacles which plague Wayside and performed our duties as paramilitary specialists, but that's not government or resource building. Roads, trade, central safety, commerce negotiations and regulation, foreign relations - these are the functions performed by government. Why are so many intent on shaking that structure? The creation of Briarpass was not as an independent counsel or autonomous duchy, but as a reservoir for talent unfound in the Guilds or Arbor.

You talk of, "[descent] into conflict with a far weaker position", and I just have no clue what you're talking about. How could our position as adventurers, the bottom wrung of any governmental structure, be any weaker? We're here at the lenience and behest of Arbor, but only because our specialized talents gives us an edge a regular soldier lacks, not because we're somehow entitled to the position. "Hired swords" is the polite way of describing us, "disposable thugs" is perhaps the more accurate. Again, other than Ambassador Fallingstar and Envoy Zanabanath, all of us are guests of Arbor so long as we function as the sledge breaking what obstacles the normal military cannot handle. Guildmaster Tuhan, I agree with having self-respect and doing what's right, but what exactly are you fighting against here?

Dramthin Hartsboon
Simple Keeper of the Tainted Grove


Raleigh Staff
To clarify Dramthin,

I do not hold the autonomy of adenturers as sacred in any way, I would vastly prefer to serve those that would act with the good people of Briarpass's best interests at heart. This is in fact the main thrust of my reasoning here in that if we are to forge bonds with those higher on the political food chain, as you so eloquently put it, it must be done now while there is no direct issue to cloud the matter. While I agree that there is no compelling reason, and indeed very little benefit, in Wayside ruling itself, I also agree that we cannot ceed authority if those behind its use are acting improperly. I am not a noble, nor do I strive to become one, I seek only to do as much good as I can for those that are so often overlooked. I have been gifted with the service of men who would give of themselves to see others live better lives then they are able, and even this small number is more authority then I would want for myself.

Lurin, Leader of the Earthen Fist