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The human race is not the only race in the world of Fortannis. There are many mythical and unusual races, such as elves, dwarves, hoblings, sarr, and other more exotic races. Within each race, there are various cultures that define the race even further. This provides for the widest possible amount of character development. Playing your race means knowing and understanding your race’s culture and society in your particular campaign. (Not all elves are alike any more than all humans are alike.) Some races have their culture based on certain societies in our own world and other races are purely fantastic like sarr or hoblings. Others are based on popular mythology or folklore. Other races such as the biata have been created from scratch, providing a unique aspect to our game.

Descriptions of each race follow, with a “race packet” giving you information on how to properly role-play your race. Your local chapter will have information on the local culture(s) of that race.

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LARP Human race packet


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