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    Paid and registered to play tobias see you all in a few weeks :)
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    September favorites

    What a great event. Got to have a blast playing the oathsworn I'm really loving the first oath well here some are in no specific order just great moments I thought off 1. Getting to killing blow resurrection with a elemental slayer 2. Law arguments with the deputy 3. Ixumaht many saves of my...
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    September Ashbury Pre registration

    Adam cushion paid to pc tobias :) see you all in a few weeks
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    July 12-14 favorite moments

    I know some of you have favorite moments after that amazing events. Let's hear them all :)
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    May 31- June 2 "Welcome Mistwalkers"

    What a Amazing event!! Thank you staff and Npc for a event that pulled a char I thought I was close to done with back in :) In no specific order Getting to see some old and new friends get to be back in game and Tobias Talking map with sir Alex and hear the comment I wouldnt take a piece...
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    May 2-5 opener favorites

    It was amazing event one of the best times I've had larping in 2 year thank you to all the staff,npcs and players thank made it possible:) 1. Finally putting so many pieces of a puzzle that is plot together 2. Getting to run thru a immortal I've been waiting a whole winter to do that :) 2...
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    June 2018 favorite moments

    All some people have to have some lets hear them :)
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    Work Day at Camp

    its just Saturday
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    So excited- first gear pictures!

    everyone gear looks so amazing :)
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    Dinner RSVP

    i will be eating this i hope :)
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    September 15-17 Pre-Registration and Logistics List

    Payed on 9/8 to pc payment should of come under Ryan Cushion But its for me Adam see you all friday :)
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    August 18-20 Event Pre-Registration and Logistics

    Adam Cushion here Payed to pc on Aug 7th should of been sent under Karen Cushion but it's for me :) see you all soon
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    I will help in what ever capacity is needed if you will have me ~Asa Freewind~
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    July 14-16 Event Pre-Registration and Logistics

    Payed for event, transaction should of came through under Karen Cushion :) see you all Friday ~Adam C.~