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    2020 Tavern

    I did think of that, but since I don't see the pre-regs, it doesn't really help me :)
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    2020 Tavern

    I'll be hosting your tavern for 2020. Standard breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. Available for in game coin - prices vary. Cash donations strongly encouraged, please make sure they find their way to me (Anique). I will get you gobbies for it. Allergies: If you've got em, I need...
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    So, there's this scary thing in the mist. I didn't see it, but Maxwell did. But the mist itself is kinda scary. Oh yeah, the mist took over the jungle. It's everywhere. It doesn't hurt you, it's just scary. And all the kin ran away. So now my friends are all moving, mostly to the big empty...
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    August 23-25

    So... Who will be there? Is there a pre-reg list. Kunzio and Princess are going.
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    Future of the Chapter

    Have you ever considered taking a leadership role in the chapter? Now is the time! In order for the chapter to continue we need a new team to step up and take over. I have spoken to Thetford and thrown my name in the ring. But this IS NOT a one person job. Without a viable team, the chapter...
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    June 21-23 Feedback

    Wow! So quiet! I missed most of the event. Thank you for letting me pop in Saturday night to accomplish a couple of things. I love that a first event healer saved our asses on an unscaled mod. Thanks Chalk. Being planted was hilarious. I'm very glad it was Princess inside Maxwell's head...
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    Chaos Portal Groups-Look at me!!

    Ooo, me me! I hit stuff.
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    May 10th-12th Pre-Reg Open

    There are breakfast burritos, muffins, and fruit for breakfast.
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    Chapter Improvements

    I vote Friday night. My character isn't very "talky" and there tends to be a lot of that Friday night. I would much rather just grab something and go. Also, not being invested in any real plot lines makes it hard to hunt for information, you have no idea where to look or whom to talk to. It is...
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    Chapter Improvements

    I'm all for multiple hooks for the same things. The job board jobs disappeared really fast, and I didn't really have any hooks other than from my background. So I sat around waiting for the only things I knew about. PCs suck at sharing information, so sending hooks in multiple directions would...
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    April 12-14 Event Feedback

    First and foremost: I had a great time. My new char is vastly different from my old. It is a challenge to stay in her mindset. Certain people intentionally trying to make me break character is a pain in the ***... you know who you are. Even though I am not 1st level, I am a new character. I...
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    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    I guess Kunzio is listed incorrectly as well. Will you take a look when you get a chance? He is not level 2.
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    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    K, did it again. Maybe it will work this time.
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    April 12th-14th Pre-Reg Open

    I still haven't made it to the pre-reg list?? What else do you need from me??
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    Playtesting and your character

    Nevermind :) Your 2.0 Conversion Sticky has the same info. Thanks you rock!