Future of the Chapter


Have you ever considered taking a leadership role in the chapter?
Now is the time!

In order for the chapter to continue we need a new team to step up and take over.
I have spoken to Thetford and thrown my name in the ring.
But this IS NOT a one person job.
Without a viable team, the chapter will be coming to an end.

We have multiple positions opening up.

Owner: This person is responsible for the chapter on a national level. Financials, voting on rules, attending symposium, ensuring other roles are filled, etc.
General Manger: This person is responsible for the chapter on a local level (and fills in for the owner as needed). Scheduling, site management, ensuring things like first aid, insurance, site rules, etc are followed. Also responsible for customer service.
Head Plot: This person is responsible for running events. Plot coordination and preparedness. NPC management. Monster camp needs.

There are a number of other roles we encourage people to try, but without the big 3 (about to be open) positions, we cannot run a chapter.

If you have questions about any of these positions feel free to ask here. You can also contact any of the current staff or myself.

If you are interested, even if you think you are not an ideal candidate, please reach out.

A final decision will be made before the closer. As of right now, we do not have the staff to continue. Let's change that.


I had also previously informed the existing senior staff that I would pick up the duties of general manager if the other two positions were filled.


I want very much to help, though I feel woefully under qualified (and much too far away) to take on ownership or plot. Point me in a direction and let ne know what I can do.


Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff
Your friends down at somi are happy to talk to anyone who's considering buying/running the chapter to help them understand what it takes to run a game, live in the ecosystem, etc. So feel free to reach out. We'd hate to see the chapter close.