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    This Month in the Broken Shards

    (To keep the story rolling after the cancelled event, we'll be posting these once a month in the intervening months.) An icefront has covered Arwyn Siti, and is marching across the continent. A state of emergency has been declared among the entirety of the Imperium as the Presidium, Caligo...
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    Event Schedule 2020

    Updates! The January Broken Shards game has been rescheduled for September 25-27, 2020!
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    Silence and Adept/Spellsword Skills

    Can you use Adept or Spellsword Skills while Silenced? Specifically: Enhanced Strike, Combined Strike, United Blow, etc. Silence says that the target "cannot talk, activate magical items, or cast any spell." However, all of the Adept/Spellsword Skills use the text "expend a spell" rather than...
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    Intercept and Killing Blow

    A question came up at our last game: Can you Intercept a Killing Blow? Here's the Beta Rules text for reference (emphasis mine): My call on the field was "Yes", and since you cannot perform a Killing Blow on an unwilling, undisabled target, it effectively interrupted the Killing Blow. I...
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    Magic Item Conversion Question - Enchant of Non-Existent Spell

    Hey all, Had a question come up in how to determine the number of ritual points available for a magic item I have. I have an item with Paralysis 3/Ever Remove Paralysis 3/Ever Several Questions: 1a) Remove Paralysis was an 8th Circle Spell. Cleanse is 4th Circle, a lower difficulty. Do I get...
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    Broken Shards Universal Downtime - "Welcome to the Imperium"

    Hey all! Here's a link to the universal downtime for all players: Additionally, we have a public culture packet for the Imperium Tarquinii with laws and cultural information here...
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    Announcements Season 3, Event 1 - Rebirth

    These announcements will be at logistics and also posted inside each cabin. We've done this the last couple games, and it's sped up opening significantly.
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    Teacher for Critical Attack

    Find me in Foxbridge any time, and I will teach you. ~Reeve Ashok
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    To all those who fight for the future of Sedovia and Aerastria. Last weekend, you probably heard the great screams twice, once Saturday afternoon, and once early Sunday morning. This is due to Lumos resurrecting. It is imperative that Lumos is not killed again. Plans are in the works to deal...
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    2016 National Event Crafted and Props Donations!

    I'll claim packets, at least 120 of each type.
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    Creating A Bestiary

    I spent several weeks studying a group of imprisoned Volig. They do not speak the common tongue (uncertain whether that is due to biology or choice), but can communicate with each other, similar to wolves or other pack animals. They are aggressive against other races, but even when placed in...
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    Creating A Bestiary

    This is confirmed true for Volig, but I have been told that at least some Barghests don't take Kyn Reavers, so it is worth confirming for each race individually.
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    2016 National Event Crafted and Props Donations!

    Hey, could you add an address to the Amazon wish list? You can have it hidden, I think, so the people buying you stuff won't see where it's going, but it would make ordering off the wishlist much easier. =)
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    Announcement of Festival

    I will participate in the Riddle Challenge, the Combat Tourney, and the Ribbon Race. -Ashok
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    Announcement: HoP and team change!

    Thank you so much to Adam, Rob, and Amy for all your hard work. Looking forward to what the new team comes up with!