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    Racial Packets Upon Request

    Excited for the reply! cannot wait to learn about my upcoming character's race Raymvnd
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    I did not see times per day description in 'Flexible casting'. Is it a passive ability? As in- once purchased can be used repeatedly?
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    CHARITY 24 hour Game marathon to help kids

    Hi Guys, Its me Ray (Eroan/Tabin/ Ix) This is the page for my Extralife team. If you do not know what Extralife is- Extra Life is a 24-hour fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network...
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    Character Illustration Commisions

    Hey Everybody! It's me Ray! I am opening commissions for character Illustration. I will make a digital/ or acrylic portrait of your Larp or Tabletop character! Do you want to be able to show off to your gamer friends a print of your character? Let me help you. Rates depend on size and detail...
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    Setting up your 2.0 Playtest Characters

    My information is not there. Raymond Roberge home chapter is Videa/ NH Email is
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    Build Calculator for Playtest?

    Also, how do I load my present character information?
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    Build Calculator for Playtest?

    Build Calculator for Playtest? Also, a logistics question: if I have Gobbies, how do I transfer them to this new account? R ps. Have fun this weekend. I will miss all of you.
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    August 31st - September 2nd Check-In and Players List

    Hoping to get in on the PC list!
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    August 3th - August 5th Check-In and Players List

    Raymond Roberge under Jacqui Allouise
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    July 6th - July 8th Check-In and Players List

    My payment is under Jacqui Allouise.
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    July 6th - July 8th Check-In and Players List

    Paid. I'll prereg tomorrow.
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    June 1 - June 3 Check-In and Players List

    Logist-ed and Paid Under my wife's name (Jacqui Allouise-Roberge)
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    2.0 - A power gamer's dream come true?

    *edit. I am not sure why this post ended up here.
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    Anyone want to trade bracers?

    Hey Everyone! Ray Roberge here- (AKA Tabin Silverbough/ Eroan Celebolwa I cannot wait for Videa! I am wondering if there is anyone out there that wants to trade Bracers. Mine are in good shape but match my costuming for my old character. I would rather long bracers (they can be pretty plain)...
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    So excited- first gear pictures!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to post some pictures. I have so much energy and am so excited for Videa! Here is some of my non-costume kit (aka gear) If you are as excited as I am post pictures!!! I can't wait! Ray Aka Ixymaht Xomene Black Tusk Company