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    Favored Shield Shape

    Depends on the style I'm fighting. Pre 2.0 I was a big fan of a heavy, 3/4" plywood, coffin shield for front line, give no ground, long sword, style; and heavy, metal sled, round shield for flanking, light infantry, short sword style. I'm still experimenting with 2.0, but so far love a...
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    Favorite Mods/Mechanics

    Something we have been using more lately are crafting mechanics to get benefit during an encounter. "You find the wall is weak in one area, it takes 20pp of blacksmithing to open another door into the room the bandits are holding up in" It's never something required to "win" the encounter, but...
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    I couldn't agree more! We are first and foremost a community and we should watch how we second guess and criticize each other and each others works. I think this is spot on as well. It takes a good game runner to statistically balance cards on the fly. What other qualities do you find make up a...
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    Thank you for loving my post! One of the main problems that the design of 2.0 endeavored to solve was the obvious optimal static damage build. I’m really happy to see that it has been solved so thoroughly, as having to scale NPC cards up to a handful of players also caused a, much more...
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    A little late to the party:p. I've had the opportunities to both plot and play in 2.0. I've played with a variety of plot teams with vastly different styles. First off: We at SoMI plot jumped right in FULLY to try and adjust cards to the 2.0 rules, and it was a pain to get a hold of them...
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    April 12-14 Event Feedback

    Jumping in kinda late, it's been a wild week: Had a great time at the event, even missing Friday night it felt full and engaging. Really enjoyed the different tactics used by differing NPC groups. Its easy to RP a group of Kin or a group of bored guards, but having that difference affect the...
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    A heartfelt thank you

    It's one thing to hear the stories at the end of an event, or see the look on PC faces when something that "gets them" is revealed.. truly another to be thanked with a personalized "year book". Our community is a beautiful thing! Thank you all for being a part of it. And thank you from the...
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    [.11] Three Thoughts on Celestial Magic

    Apologies, having flashbacks to different rule sets. But the point is still valid in that stun limb is on par with sleep and certainly not better than confine. Thank you for the leeway!
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    [.11] Three Thoughts on Celestial Magic

    I would like to begin this post by making it clear that I greatly appreciate the 2.0 rules and what they have done to create more options for every class, specifically (non-golem) Celestial Adepts and Spellswords; It's a huge step in a fantastic direction! That being said, I feel that the...
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    [.11] Monster Slayer/Healing Strike

    The edge that Earth has against undead has been made specifically into the ability to ignore their armor, giving Celestial the ability to do this muddles what should be a great bastion for Earth magic. Its an easy fix: remove undead as a possible type for Monster Slayer. Giving Monster Slayer...
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    [.11] Magic Strike needs to be General

    Did I miss the post where someone suggested that we change Biata and Oathsworn to not have this negative? Logically: We have two races with an aversion to Celestial magic, this is a negative to playing these races. By making Celestial effects general, you remove that negative; the argument...
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    [.11] Time to Get a New Life

    I agree we are having a circular conversation, but I don't think "distance" so much as direction is the issue. Most certainly a optimized golem, that can heal itself and has dodges is OP. I'm not talking about golems, and they have been removed with good cause. Basic Celestial Magic has been...
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    [.11] Time to Get a New Life

    I think you are specifically avoiding the discussion of spell school balance by bringing up crafting. As things stand: Earth scholars don't need any boosts at all in any way. If we want to talk about balance, we need to start elsewhere; certainly not with giving more powers to Earth casters...