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    [Aer'Astria] Season 6 - Game 2 Pre-Registration

    Wow, I don’t even remember pre-registering yet. But I’ll go in and fix it and get the families in.
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    [Aer'Astria] Season 5 - Game 5 (Millersylvania, Long Weekend) Pre-Registration

    I’m not seeing it on here, so I’d just like to make sure my prepays were received okay?
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    Big West 2019 Pre-Registration

    Think I have it in there correctly!
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    Big West 2019... Got Packets?

    Hello! Are you coming to Big West and use packets? Don’t have the time to make them? Just don’t want to pack them? I’ll do it for you! $10 for 50 packets, with free delivery to Big West! Just shoot me a private message letting me know the quantity and type (magic, arrow, Alchemy) you would...
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    April '19 Favorites!

    The Prisoner exchange that went smoother than anyone expected The angriest knighting, I swear I thought I was going to get beheaded when Hivius asked me to kneel Oona and Lycos sneaking off and getting married? so now my friend is my in-law? Conversations with Rumi & Coro! Welcoming my new...
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    [Aer'Astria] Season 5 - Game 3 Pre-Registration

    When can we expect the pre-reg list to be updated?
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    March 15-17 Pre-Registration (2.0 Pre-Release)

    MARCH MEAL PLAN MENU Friday PM: Swedish Meatballs w/pasta, Veggies Saturday AM: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Fruit Saturday PM: Honey Garlic Chicken, Rice, Veggies Sunday AM: Assorted Hot/Cold Cereals, Leftovers
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    2018 Dates!!

    Are some of these 2019 dates?
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    2019 Event Schedule

    is your 2019 Event schedule posted somewhere? I’m working on a unified calendar or events across Alliance nationwide.
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    Broken Shards Game 1 - Preregistration

    Woo-Hoo! Pre-Registration in and Cabin Secured! Where mah dwarves at????
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    Not to late, DM sent!
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    Last call for anyone needing/wanting to purchase Packets for the January game! Price is $10 per 50 packets.
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    January 11-13 Registration (2.0 Pre-Release)

    MEAL PLAN MENU: Friday- Chicken Pot Pie Saturday AM- Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Fruit Saturday PM- Shepherds Pie Sunday- Assorted Hot & Cold Cereals, left overs
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    Dec 7th - 9th Weekend Pre-Registration

    MEAL PLAN MENU: Friday: Chicken & Dumplings Saturday AM: Pancakes, eggs, Sausage Saturday PM: Shepherd’s Pie Sunday: Assorted hot/cold cereals, left overs