Favored Shield Shape


Oregon Staff
Seattle Staff
Public Relations Committee
What is your favorite shape for a shield (strap not center grip if it makes a difference) and why?


San Francisco Staff
I use a weird wing shape that gives some extra coverage to my left shoulder. Think a coffin shield with an extra triangle bit on the top left side. I do a pretty passive shield style so it works well for me.


Gettysburg Staff
In the days of yore (1.3) I had a half heart kinda shape to my shield:
It’s just under what used to be the maximum area, 35.5” from the bottom tip to the top of the curve, back when we had such things and walked uphill both ways in the snow* to get to the circle.

With 2.0, and the removal of shield size limits, I did this, and yes, that is a long sword.

*Snow not available in all areas


Chicago Staff
My favorite is definitely the trusty coffin lid. Though I like them when the handle is custom to my shoulder and elbow so it sets just right.

Chad Schaffer

South Michigan Staff
Depends on the style I'm fighting.

Pre 2.0 I was a big fan of a heavy, 3/4" plywood, coffin shield for front line, give no ground, long sword, style; and heavy, metal sled, round shield for flanking, light infantry, short sword style.

I'm still experimenting with 2.0, but so far love a phalanx, plank, barely mobile, wall for front line; at least as an NPC.

Could never really get into light shields. If I have to move a lot to block I'd really rather have a heavy spear.


18" round punch.
This right here is all the shield anyone needs.

I don't like strapped shields in general for Alliance, because they're harder to get out of when you get disarmed, are packet magnets, and we don't hit hard enough to need the extra mass in a shield to help soak impacts.