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    Database Updated

    When is the next update going to happen? Thank you.
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    Char-History requirement?

    The necromancer admitted it and you did nothing. >.<
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    Damage Aura Ritual Scroll Up For Auction

    Sir Tal-Herroth, Also if the scroll does not travel, but the effects do....... Knowing the location that scroll can be cast at would be helpful too Respectfully, Daylynn
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    National Event Information?

    A better question would be does site allow tents?
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    Hi my name is Cymryc and I live in Oregon. I started playing tabletop RPGs when I was 10 and have been in love with fantasy stories ever since. I first started LARPing in 1995 when I found a game called LARC (Live Action Roleplaying Club) that was a nero-knockoff game. The couple who ran...
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    Announcement: HoP and team change!

    It is with great sadness and regret that we say goodbye to some of our long-standing Plot members. A big thank you goes out to Adam Staiger, Amy Gregory and Robert Fessler for all of the hard work and dedication they have shown to Alliance Oregon in their tenure with us. We wish them well in...
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    Event Favorites: Episode 5 - The Silver Key

    So things that were awesome. At breakfast Saturday morning Roan is taking about how she is too trusting and that strangers often get the better of her because of it and hopefully one day she will learn to not be so trusting.. Kai responds with "This is why we hire strangers to beat our...
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    January 2015 Favorite moments

    All things Roan. Kai is extreme special in so many ways and Carmen gets to see most of them. From the most awkward hug ever to circular Dark Elf logic and all of the moments in between. Kiri and the rest of my Racoon friends. It was hard work OOG figuring out how to hang around you and still...
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    Pre-Reg for the November 7-9, 2014 Weekend Event

    Please remember that we changed the pre-reg deadline out to two weeks as we are needing extra time as there are so many of you who want to PC. Also if you plan on NPCing please let us know by pre-regging too. The deadline is this Friday.
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    Announcement! New Head of Logistics

    Please welcome Norman Berg as he takes charge of Logistics. If you have any outstanding logistics issues please re-send them in. A huge thank you to Leigh-Ann Magill for all of the hard work and hours of service she has given Alliance Oregon.
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    Ceriopolis Trainers

    Name: Daylynn Students per day: One Skills: Is it Tuesday? If I cannot teach it I can probably find you a teacher, so ask. Additional: Currently focused on fighting skills.
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    October 2014 Event Pre-Registration

    I am still listed as transfer not received. Is this correct as it has been a while since the first post has been updated?
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    Theoretical: Weekend w/ No Loot on Monsters

    Sounds like it would be fun. Definitely let us know when.
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    Potential new player(s)

    For note, Seattle games are usually held just south of Olympia at Millersylvania ELC.
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    Alliance Deadlands T-SHIRTS?!?

    I love stuff like this I would buy at least one