Announcement: HoP and team change!


It is with great sadness and regret that we say goodbye to some of our long-standing Plot members. A big thank you goes out to Adam Staiger, Amy Gregory and Robert Fessler for all of the hard work and dedication they have shown to Alliance Oregon in their tenure with us. We wish them well in their future LARPing endeavors and hope to see them out at an Oregon game soon.

William Bush is stepping up as the new Head of Plot and he has assembled a Plot team consisting of Norman Berg, Jaimi Davis and Sean Graczyk. The new team is very excited to continue our adventures in the Kingdom of Sedovia! We hope that you are excited to join us.


Thank you all for the stories!

Curious to see the next chapter ^.^


Thank you so much to Adam, Rob, and Amy for all your hard work. Looking forward to what the new team comes up with!

Ryan W

Dear Rob, Adam, and Amy...

Thank you so much for the adventures and action you've given us. Your games have given Sedovia so much color and atmosphere. Your efforts really stick out and we're so grateful for all your hard work that you gave us. You guys totally rock.


Rob, Adam, and Amy...

You sucked me into joining guild, and then you ditched me.


Also, great job, thanks for making it fun to NPC. :) I look forward to murdering your characters in horrible ways.