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    Adventures at the tavern

    Miles away, Rupe churned the muddy ground with her feet. One of her boots had peeled away from its soul, and was talking explicitly "I can understand you, you know" said Rupe "Roop! you should have got that Make Indestructibly Improved in ravensong, ya dam bastard. We could be boots E V E R L A...
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    Metagaming, , , , for good?

    Hello all I'm Theresa. I'm a new player who played Rhoop last event. I'm moving in the fall so this next weekend is basicly a one shot for me. I'm new to rp but it seems as though real emotions and fake emotions fade into each other. Do you guys have any techniques for emotional safety in game...
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    The Were-rat Lurks + News from Clan Bloodcoin (A wrap-up note from Auryn)

    Thanks Bruisey, you deffinetly saved me from a cuppel of scars. According to Viskit, Sneed's where - rats shrug off magic weapons and shrink under silvered ones. Somebody confirm this, I have hit my head once or twice since then. Quick screech: If you don't let Auryn know about your drama and...
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    August Event Competition

    Can I get a quick read on if anyone is Gluten Free or Vegan? Would you appreciate those kinds of deserts?
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    Merchants and Craftspersons

    Doncha worry Rags. I trust most of the people I meet and most of those decisions have been in my favor. As fr example, I trust you and me, even though I've only met either of us once. Igneous is a craftsman and has my respect, I'd be equally pleased to find that hero of old was a genuine dear...
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    Merchants and Craftspersons

    Igneous, I am glad to be your dear. Thank you for making your intention, of hiding your intentions, clear to me. I hope to find a dear or a devil in you next market day. -Rhoop
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    Merchants and Craftspersons

    I would suggest that you use discretion while forming this group. I'd be evasive about who the real leaders are and who is involved. You are in Ravensong, my friends, and if you try to consolidate power, some may try to nip you in the bud. The general population of Ravensong already views you...
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    The connection to Old Gaden...

    Now there's a way to go out. Thanks for the answers, Baeleon, now I don't have to die like a cat. -Rhoop
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    The connection to Old Gaden...

    Hypothetical question. Is there a way to send someone from Ravensong back to Old garden? You adventurers are lucky to have known two worlds. -Rhoop
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    Someone to Noobier than you

    Hellllllo I am a new (was that obvious enough?) LARPer who looking to join Southern Minnesota's events! I have questions. I'm wondering if it's a horrible idea to come alone, should I drag some friends along with me? Also there aren't really Gypsy power structures. Does that mean you can lead...
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    I don't do things part way. It's, a problem.

    I don't do things part way. It's, a problem.