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    May Event Favorites

    Had a great time despite the conditions of the site, here are some of my favorites: - All the new players, it was great to see so many new faces and to interact with you all - Spider island bag of parts, Gurdy had to comment on how useful it was. All three charges used in one mod. - The...
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    High Arcanist, Reynold Illkari's "Portal Ritual"

    In the spirit of brevity I will be brief in my responses. First, my thanks this Shen character, whom I have yet the pleasure of meeting, for being willing to lend his skills in compiling the list of many items we need for the success of this ritual. Second, let me address a few social faux pas...
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    Field Crafting Potions/Elixers

    If you use a FC tag to make a potion or elixir, does it still need to be bottled before it is usable? Ethan
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    Shields blocking weapon traps

    In the 2.1 packets there is this specific verbage: Shields will not protect the owner from any non-weapon trap. Does this mean that weapon traps can be blocked by shields? If so, how is that supposed to be determined? Thanks, Ethan
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    Can we go for another walk? I would hate to die on spider island not knowing the glory of another walk with a very good conversationalist. Ignathis
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    The merchant is already onboard for the initial strike. Ignathis
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    Also be ready to dodge out of the way of the driders. They have arcane deliveries. Ignathis
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    May IBGAs

    Are the listed actions the only available ones?
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    There's a lot more than webs and weakness on spider island. Lots of poison, necromantic half-spiders, and toxic ichor. And that's just on the shores. It will be a large endeavor to take this place down. But will leave the world better for it. Ignathis
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    Driders as well. They have some nasty magic. -Ignathis
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    Whetstone Questions

    Its also really nice to give to newer players for big mods.
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    Names & Faces

    OOG: Ethan Rath (he/him) Human Chemist IG: Ignathis Nachtfeuer Human Fighter Ig: Kettle Croquet Flank Kolrabi of the Guilderncage III of his clutch, Vulturekyn Apothecary
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    Things to do at April 1st Market

    This is not correct. The boar hunt is at night so the boars are incapacitated. There will be more guards at night, but the boars will not be able to fight or flee. Ignathis
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    To End the Olothen War - Final Battle

    Dramathin, I did what I could to understand this link better. I have agreed with you in the past that wanton destruction would be inadvisable. However, it has been made clear to me that if any of these creatures survive, the link can be reestablished. We have no choice other than to remove them...
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    To End the Olothen War - Final Battle

    We have to kill the boars. If even a single one survives the link to the great leader will not be severed. Ignathis