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    A question of pricing

    Food prices typically vary. Back before the Flaming Skull was the main hub for adventuring, we sold meals for 1 gold per plate. Lady Cyn has sold bread loaves in the past for 2 gold a piece. I wouldn't try to go above 5 g for any food product. It all depends on how highly you value your labor...
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    Chicago has a few veteran NPCs but most of our crunchies tend to be newer players. We have another nearby larp that has fielded 15-20 NPCs for the past two events. Which has been awesome, but they are still learning the rules.
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    Starting Gear

    You would technically exchange them for tags when you get to the event, but adding them as a note to your prereg for your first event will make your local logistics team very happy.
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    LARP Playlist

    Ignathis: "Human"- rag n bone man, "Seven Nation Army"- white stripes The Company: "Ain't no rest for the wicked"- cage the elephant
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    November 15-17 favorites

    Another great closer in the books, thanks to the horde of NPCs, Plot, and my fellow PCs for making this another weekend to remember. In no particular order: * Fighting the behir and eating the leftovers of its heart * Sparring outside the Skull * Holding off the two-handed fighters during the...
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    Kitchen Reminder

    Just a quick reminder, we are back at the same building as last event. That means that the kitchen fridge space is extremely limited. Please plan to store any drinks or food that you are bringing in either coolers, outdoors, or at npc camp. If there is any food in the fridge when we arrive it...
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    A Beast Beyond Our Plane

    I apologize for the misunderstanding the world "rampant" made the creature seem like more of a threat than a typical roaming beast. Regardless, it is still of importance that we hunt it. Ignathis
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    A Beast Beyond Our Plane

    Sounds like possibly a rehemoraz or something of the same ilk. The Company would definetly be interested in taking care of this creature. Any assistance from the Solars to reach it would be greatly appreciated. Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer
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    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    Will he also be coming for me personally? I don't care either way I just would like to know. Ignathis
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    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    Note to self, don't play a dark elf scout.
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    Borrow Boffers?

    @Manflesh do we still have a bow in our stock?
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    Borrow Boffers?

    I can bring you a short sword.
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    Borrow Boffers?

    Looking for a short or long sword?
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    November 1st Registration Thread!! Lennox Who??

    Look at all these NPCS!
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    Considering travelling for Nov 15-17 gathering

    Patrick - I can't personally pick you up, but I'm sure someone should be able to - We can definetly get you a staff - There are cabins available for everyone but they are unheated and do not have electricity, they cost no extra and fit 8 people and the door can easily be warded - Game on is...