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    Scroll question

    That is not the case locally, as an fyi.
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    Donation List

    For those of you who are familiar with the Amazon Wishlist we previously had been using for donations, this will now be the one place for donation list information and updates. The Amazon Wishlist has been deleted. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Enerret Downtimes for April 2018 Event

    Downtimes are due by midnight on April 15, 2018. Anything submitted later or not submitted via the form linked below will not be responded to. Thank you. "A Day in the Life..." April 20 - 22, 2018. Camp Cutter Scout Reservation As the fevered pitch of...
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    Enerret Downtimes for March 2018 Season Opener

    We will only be accepting downtimes via the submission form. If you have previously sent an email for March 2018 downtimes it is fine, but going forward we will only respond to downtimes that are submitted using the form. It can be found at this link:
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    Maelstrom DT 2018 Opener

    Our full schedule should be finalized and available mid next week. Thank you for your patience.
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    Last Review of the Season

    Hooray! Event reviews! Please post stories from the Enerret Season 4 Epilogue. What were your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most...
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    Character Creation: PLEASE READ FIRST

    Please remember when creating your character background you may not create a new country (or world) to be from. Your character must be from either Enerret or the Maelstrom if you are going to be housed in this chapter. Please see page 14 of the Alliance Rulebook for more details. If you have any...
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    Downtimes for Enerret Dec 15-17

    Which? The form or the specific reminder for downtimes?
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    Downtimes for Enerret Dec 15-17

    Downtimes are due by midnight on December 6th, 2017.
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    December 15-17 Enerrent Epilogue Event Question

    They are above the thread, but apparently they don't show with Tapatalk.
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    Enerret December 15th - 17th Preregistration

    Teaser and other plot information can be found here:
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    December 15-17 Enerrent Epilogue Event Question

    Hey folks! Staff is trying to put together a few things in preparation for the event and we would like to get a head count of who will actually be in attendance. Please take a moment to answer the poll.
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    Oh, Oh, I Heard a Rumor...

    Mea culpa. Almost every rumor connected to a job board, lair card, a current plot line, or a starting plot line except I think 4. Of those 3 were not connected to current plot, but did ping into the world/cultures and could go somewhere. 1 was a callback to a rumor we used to always put out back...
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    Oh, Oh, I Heard a Rumor...

    Directly above this thread...
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    Oh, Oh, I Heard a Rumor...

    They say you got a broken heart! Wait, no that's not it. We brought back the rumor system this last Enerret Weekend Event, A Dark Sojourn or Where? And Back Again (Nov. '17). We would appreciate it if you could take a moment to take a poll so we can decide to continue, modify, or stop using...