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Hooray! Event reviews!

Please post stories from the Enerret Season 4 Epilogue. What were your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please share all the fun here!

Please be kind enough to fill out an event review and summary! Cast and Crew want to hear your opinions, and that's easiest when they're all written down!
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My congratulations to Julissa and Jonno for discovering a new kind of Plue tears: complete emotional overload and shutdown. It was great.

Other things were also great but I slept for 7 hours total all weekend because I was doing too many fun things so I have forgotten them and will have to post later once I can function and remember things.

Awesome event. Thank you to everyone who had a part in making it happen!
I loved the overarching plot for this weekend!

Both the best comedic fae curse I've ever seen and the most poorly timed coincidental fae curse in the same scene. Incredible.

"BROTHER YOU'RE... YOU'RE RUINED! YOUR HONOR IS BESMIRCHED! Hooray I'm going to be an uncle!"

All the different inflections PC's put on "Lord."

Petronia taking a nap on the floor.

The chorus of "CELESTIALLLL GGGUUUIIILLLDDDD" every time a particularly cold gust of wind blew through.

The most pitiful "Halp" from Chuck.
So much great stuff happened this weekend.

Stevaan's first experience being a town guard:
  • Basically being Calderon's guard intern for the weekend.
  • Taking notes at the scene of the crime at the Celestial Guild through terrible drawings because Stevaan can't read or write.
  • Learning (wrongly) that kicking down doors is an acceptable way for town guard to enter a room.
  • Almost accepting a touch cast gift of death from a necromancer I was arresting.
So much Giuseppe greatness:
  • The heartbreak of coming across Giuseppe the cursed town guard, then realizing he needed our help, declaring that I would help him, but then immediately getting dominated by goblinoids and being forced to attack Giuseppe. "I knew you were just like all the rest of em! You've betrayed me"
  • Laughing at Giusseppe talking smack about his brother actually managing to get married and having kids. "Ha! How'd that old sod actually find a wife?"
  • That marriage scene. T_T
  • Making my first arrest of a necromancer who was also the betraying sister in law of Giusseppe.
The Cursed:
  • Solving half the riddle of a cursed with a dad joke.
  • Trying to chase down a cursed man who was acting as a portal, summoning goblinoids that were throwing dominates and charms, but luckily being around celestial casters who could overwrite those command magics with their own.
  • Figuring out that the bowing cursed could be saved by bowing the lowest.
  • Picking up a lair card that was a "You get hit with a death gas globe" and sweating as plot was getting ready as I was woefully under-prepared to deal with alchemy. Then remembering I had a poison shield still up from last game. (THANKS TEVASTI!)
  • Being effective from the back line in the cursed and yeti fights with shield disarms and actually managing to kill things with bolts.
  • Sparing with and learning some tactics from Leon.
  • Late night yeti hunting with William, Chuck, Desky and Fenris.
There's a lot more stuff like character interactions and just finding out about stuff that's been happening in this shared world and hidden layers to pcs is super cool.. Plot and staff did an awesome job and I'm already itching for the next gathering.
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My nap on the tavern floor using Lord Terren's shield and...cloak? Was probably the purest expression of my chocoholic, strung-out character that I've accomplished yet.

I had a blast, despite being sick the whole time. So much other good.....

Being granted the power to shoot flame arrows while clearing the mine of spiders...that whole mod was great. But my (admittedly poor) aim was really put to the test. Try hitting string from several feet away while under attack! It's a challenge!

Chuck, Desky, and Fen bullying Pet about her Celestial allergy until she got sick.

Delivering the puppies to their new owners. So much cute.

Snarking at Calderon for not knowing Pet was a caster.

Meeting Pet's first Fae.

Loved all of the small cursed plots I got to touch on.

Taking to and holding the front line both times the portals needed time to be closed, for the first time as this character I felt I could hold my own.