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    Lost island act 1 preregister!

    Is this event still on?
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    Lost island act 1 preregister!

    For this event do we pay under the HQ or SB link?
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    First build help?

    I play an Elf/Spellsword/longbow Archer. I started my character off as a Fighter and slid into Spellsword. Pure class first is the way to go, in my mind. Build milestones are important when building a hybrid class. For instance, I built my Fighter to 4 Profs with defenses then picked up...
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    Flattening a 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel?

    The key is to get the pieces close to the size you need and weights. Less surface area mean less conduction. Cutting the barrel in half at least would make your job much easier. Make sure to remove the capture ring at the top and the full curve of the bottom. Place a half down with blocks (or...
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    Accessing your Character on the CMA

    Ok. I missed that. Thanks.
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    Accessing your Character on the CMA

    Who do I contact about a skill not showing up as an option? I was attempting to rebuild my main character, a spellsword. The option for Enhanced Meditate comes up but not Meditate, the base skill.
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    Question about item rebuild and extenders.

    I may have missed it but some Rit values are changing. So how is loose change on a MI handled?
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    Official 2.0 start date and race change info

    Thank you for the link. I have been playing a few years now and can figure it out with this information. The bigger issue is how this type of thing might turn a new player away. My brother has shown interest in attending an event or two this season. With a 2.0 rule book I could drop it off to...
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    Official 2.0 start date and race change info

    Why is there a hard date for change over before a hard date for a copy of the new rule book? I am sorry if this is not the place for this question. I would just feel more at ease with some time to familiarize myself with a solid set of rules in one place before I am expected follow them at an...
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    [.11] Weapon/Armor Duration (split from Packet Color Thread)

    If it went to quiver per logistics period, How would weapon coatings work?
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    The safer tubes mentioned above by Inaryn can be quickly and cheaply fixed to work as the others do. With just a Q-tip and a small amount of glue in the cap, the tags are removed with ease and without the added safety concerns of the other vials. I have done this to all of mine and have had no...
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    [.11] Armor Enchanments

    I don't know if it has changed in 2.0 but my understanding for 1.3 was as long as you have a large enough tag you could fudge down the tag if you were wearing less armor as said above. IE Taking off Grieves, Bracers, or Helm. This leaves me with a question if this is the case. What if I have a...
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    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    I don't know if this matters or not but I will throw my 2 cents in. I play an Earth Templar in HQ. Since I decided to go from Fighter to Templar over Scout, I have had a goal for my 9th level slots. One for me, One for someone else and One for Death. With this in mind I opted for a pyramid over...