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    2020 National Event FAQ

    are there any precautions being discussed for Covid-19 and how can we as players assist in this.
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    EVA foam chainmail thoughts?

    I looked into this and determined that it would most likely not be durable enough to last extensive combat even light touch. it would most likely work better for under armor accents for those that wear plate or for show and the intent that it wouldn't be used for combat.
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    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    Hi Jesse will BGA's be accepted due to the canceled game.
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    LCO Level Caps

    there is a campaign starting in august at the kansas chapter that will have a cap similar to this. It is starting with a starting level cap of 25 xp and alot of us are really excited for it to start
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    LCO Level Caps

    Denvers current 2020 season level cap is 309 xp. if you go over you can build down to the cap. It goes up at the beginning of every season so capped characters will always have some progression.
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    2020 National Event Donations

    Is there a need for spell/trap-alchemy/arrow packets?
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    I play an Oathsworn named Archibald in Denver and I'm curious how other chapters have integrated the addition of Oathsworn into their games. You can describe it or post your chapters race packet for them.
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    January Dish Shifts

    I shall join him
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    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    I meant the donation drive money my bad.
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    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    hey Jesse, I'm curious on what the funds from this will be used for. looking forward to some awesome new stuff to come from this.
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    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    My first favorite moment of the event was saturday morning when the white stag originally appeared and chasing it all the way across the site and ending up having rivervale chase/follow me Second one was definitely being the scions "punching bag" of sorts And of course when i crossed over and...
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    June 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Loved the event. Especially for my first pc event. That time Vandathron beat me up in the tavern. The knowledge that was offered to my character after being beat up by vandathron. The role I was able to play with providing information before the fight with the eagle tribe.