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    Shield Contruction and Design

    Hello, fairly new player here. what's to try adding a a shield to my character but I cant find any rules in the current book that lays out required or banned materials or edge protection or anything like that. I'm working on kind of a weird design and I want to make sure it will be approved...
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    Archery Opinions: packet or larp arrow?

    I'm not looking at the game globally and comparing it to an MMO or RPG, rather just looking at the "action economy" of archery its self. I can work on getting some hard numbers, on melee speeds vs packet throws vs archery shots. but I can promise actual archery is ungodly slow. also I'll include...
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    Season 2 closer favorites!

    I had an incredible time. I never expected to get sucked into the moment so hard and legitimately feel pain and loss for someone I barely interacted with. I was incredibly immersed in that event and I'm glad I was able to take part in that moment. and I hope to share in more with everyone else...
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    Archery Opinions: packet or larp arrow?

    I'm new to the game so I'm not sure how much my opinion matters here but I'm good at understanding game mechanics and as a character that uses STRICTLY only a bow I think mechanically packets are better. as it stand archers can dish out damage on par with melee focused and caster characters...
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    Trap Master Build?

    Thank you everyone who commented. It was an interesting idea that we had. But it doesn't look like it can work, not with the current rules anyway.
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    Trap Master Build?

    Looking through the rules again. (The newest official rules that is) I could make it work if I could ignore the "traps cant move more then 5 feet after being armed" rule. Because then you could carry around a bunch of "pre-armed" traps that just have a simple safety pin or something. Then you...
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    Trap Master Build?

    There has to be something that can be done with out taking 3 hours for a single combat, due to holds being called.
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    Trap Master Build?

    Hello, My friend and I have been looking through the rules and he really wants to create a character around creating traps, and using them effectively as combat tools. However, we cant figure out a way to do this with the current rule set due to a few factors. The big one being the time it takes...
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    Thank you to everyone that made this game awesome. Plot committee, GM, NPCs and kitchens staff as well as all the other players, this was my favorite weekend yet and a fantastic was to spend a birthday. 1. Having a long conversation with the Orcs about the most embarrassing way to die. "Deep in...