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    January 2020 Favorite Moments

    This was such a satisfying event! Scions, seeing y'all in Rumeria was so awesome! I, personally, really enjoyed having you all present, and I've been so excited to hear that you've all had such a great time. Drinking Blood Lust together, and the Sleeping Blow incident was hilarious and fun, and...
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    October 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    Wild game! Friday - The masquerade was so fun! Everybody looked amazing! - I will forever treasure the rainbow whack stick. It's going on my wall, for sure! - Baron Egil, I took your warning to heart, even if it doesn't seem like it. - Getting a talking to by the Death Elemental over hesitating...
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    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    I had a pretty fun weekend! - Merfolk mod! That was hilarious. Drunk sharks, unrelenting guards (as they should be!), Jax coming back over the hill after we realized he’d disappeared with the baddie! TURTLEEEEE! Over all just really fun! - Literally everybody asking me if I got found by the...
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    June 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Oh man, forgot to do this! Paul Senior thank you so much for being a really awesome Death Elemental! I was so nervous chatting with you that I was basically vibrating, which made it rather difficult to speak LOL. Arlen and Alis, trying to stop be from going out to speak to said elemental was...
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    2018-19 Season Closer Favorite Moments

    Awesome game!!! I had a blast during the Aetherborn battle. I’m not particularly clever (mostly), or good at puzzles, so I just kinda played commander, tried my chops at keeping people together and up. Went pretty well until we got back to the tavern... then it all kinda fell apart lolol. From...
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    February 2019 Favorite Moments!

    An exciting event for sure. Hoh. I really enjoyed showing off Madrigal's angry side. And she was angry a lot this game... The fae game wasn't as bad as Madrigal thought it would be! I had a lot of fun, playing with Lia, Gambit, Bluwolf and Lucien to all escape this weird maze thing! The drama...
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    January Favorite Moments

    Playing Eleanor was really fun this game! I enjoyed shmoozing and making friends all over again with everybody! Definitely need different eyebrows, though, those things were ridiculous :eek:. I think my favorite part of the entire weekend was probably the Saturday night massacre. Managing to...
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    September 2018 Favorite Moments!!!

    My turn! The flying monkeys were so fun! Seeing all the chimera were really exciting. I need to nab snacks to bring next time, so I don't steal from the Tavern (Sorry!). Too bad they couldn't carry me off, too many people didn't want me to go! Talking to one of the new characters who DID get...
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    August Favorite Moments!

    Ahh, so much happened! - Friday's jumble of stuff was really nice, it kept a good pace of keeping us entertained without wearing us out! The Intro of the Promoter was hilarious, Puck helping Maddy out when she answered a riddle wrong. xD - The Lizard Ravens! No one hurts my amalgamation buddies...
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    December Event Feedback/Best Moments

    I loved Chester's Joy, and my new lil CHAINMAIL OWL. Love hiiimm. I enjoyed roleplaying, and I think my favorite moments were... Being Laugh-gassed, dying via mimics, the hat mimic, Madrigal's adventure with Lia, and Mr. Grey :3.