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    Registration Thread November 15th Weekend: Invasive Invasions

    We had a couple people drop in on Saturday that come from another LARP (don't remember the name) and they mentioned having a big group ready to come in later, so I assume it's them?
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    Y'know, a younger me would take this as a challenge and play another character out of spite. I'm taking it as a sign of growth and newfound maturity that that wasn't my immediate reaction this time.
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Squire Sheppard, I do not have any additional insight regarding this golden door. Rumors regarding the fall of The Nine certainly made their way through the towers, but I was just one of many apprentices at the time, and it was not long after that I made my choice to leave the collective. Those...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    The town is known as Old Hearth. I was able to damage the spectres with 5th tier evocation scrolls and other large blows seemed to be effective. I'm not certain if elementally imbued weapons would be enough in and of themselves. They were not particularly tough, but could revive one another...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    If the market says silver weapons are worth 18 silver, I'm not going to go out of my way to pay more, but I don't think it's unfair to charge twice the material cost on something like this. That's a common pricing approach on things like jewelry that use precious metals (like silver!) or other...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    I don't have one. I believe I have a few silvered bolts but I'm not certain. Liam
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    Race Breakup Infograph August 2019

    How close are the numbers? I'm sorta curious if it would have been enough to swap the High Ogre and Stone Elf positions if I'd played my Ogre instead of my Stone Elf last weekend
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    WWTC - Crafting Goods Available!

    I will require 2 short maces, 2 shields, 10 disarm scrolls, and 10 scrolls of a 25 evocation bolt. I have no preference with regards to the element except that it would be most convenient if they are all the same. I would be willing to accept evocation scrolls of lower intensity if you do not...
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    A Destructive R&D Development

    Councilor Rosenfeld, Please let me know if you wish my assistance in this manner; I am of course willing to aid the Research and Development branch in endeavors such as this. I have left a portion of my High Magic unallocated in anticipation of its need. Talus Duskmere
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    August Crafting Services - Traps and Alchemy

    I am absolutely not here to snipe customers from Ainsley, but if there's enough demand that she can't keep up, come talk to your good friend Liam! She's a much more talented trapsmith than I am, but I might have a trick or two ahead of her as far as alchemy goes. I might have a couple trinkets...
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    Dredging up ancient history

    Hey! I missed the last gathering or two but when we wrapped things up in May we didn't actually divide up the haul at the end of the day, and we did it all here in the Dreaming. I paid for what I bought in the auction and I picked up my necklace, but I didn't actually get my cut. Somewhere out...
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    July Research Opportunities

    Hey Zen, you got any more you can tell me about da High Orc person? GRONK don't even know who he's talkin' for or what we're gettin' outta dis. GRONK
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    July Research Opportunities

    Hey Zen, tell me where ta go and I'll get ta work. GRONK
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    Auction of Items from May Gathering 9219

    I forgot to make arrangements to hand off my gold but Squire Ragnarok said he'd front my payment with a quick loan! I don't know if he'll be there so I think Gertie will have my payment as well. Liam
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    Laws of the Land

    I won't be able to make it there this weekend, but if you end up fighting Captain Cleavius, don't be surprised if he just keeps coming at you! It seemed like we'd take him down and then within a minute or so we'd see him walking back onto the battlefield. He also had some sort of protections on...