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    Visiting Alchemist Seeking a Workshop!

    Hello! I've heard so much about Wayside but I've never actually been, and it sounds like this might be my last chance to get the real Wayside Experience since things are calming down so much! Some of you might recognize me as, "hey, who's that guy following Sera Fiona around?" but I think...
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    The 2022 Season Super Post

    Hey, anybody that was looking at this post for the location for the first event (like I was), it's probably worth pointing out that the site is actually Camp Juniper Knoll in East Troy, Wisconsin!
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    Its A Pleasure To Meet You

    Me: Three characters already on the books, three chapters within a reasonable distance, it's perfect! Also me: Time to build up that Lionkin Scout I keep thinking about
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    July '22 Celestial Services

    Hey Beryl, I ain't got too much ta offer here but if you got anyting needs a second caster lemme know. GRONK
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    High Orc Costuming

    Ogre tusk mini leather mask! I couldn't find a picture in costume so I just grabbed it and took a quick pic. Elastic goes behind the head, usually buried under a small mountain of hair. The elastic mostly blends in on the face if you put a little makeup over it. Made by @Gandian Ravenscroft...
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    Lessons Learned in Mysteria

    Squire, As I stated before, it was merely a substitution cipher. I would not be surprised to see more complex ciphers in the future, however, if we are dealing with trained agents of the Forgetting. Talus Duskmere
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    Lessons Learned in Mysteria

    As part of the expedition to the Olothen Empire, myself and several others attended a lecture at the cryptography college known as the Mysteria. The changelings are apparently known collectively as The Forgetting. Their city, S'lo, has a confusing layout to begin with, but we were led on a...
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    I love the CMA!

    The CMA is by far the best thing to happen to Alliance in the 8-ish years I've been around.
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    High Ogre Popularity

    If we're being honest, most of the national race packets could use a refresh. I've been playing my High Ogre Spellsword (GRONK) on and off for something like 6 years, initially just as a secondary I'd play once or twice each year, then as my main character for my secondary chapter, and then as...
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    Registration Thread November 15th Weekend: Invasive Invasions

    We had a couple people drop in on Saturday that come from another LARP (don't remember the name) and they mentioned having a big group ready to come in later, so I assume it's them?
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    Y'know, a younger me would take this as a challenge and play another character out of spite. I'm taking it as a sign of growth and newfound maturity that that wasn't my immediate reaction this time.
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Squire Sheppard, I do not have any additional insight regarding this golden door. Rumors regarding the fall of The Nine certainly made their way through the towers, but I was just one of many apprentices at the time, and it was not long after that I made my choice to leave the collective. Those...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    The town is known as Old Hearth. I was able to damage the spectres with 5th tier evocation scrolls and other large blows seemed to be effective. I'm not certain if elementally imbued weapons would be enough in and of themselves. They were not particularly tough, but could revive one another...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    If the market says silver weapons are worth 18 silver, I'm not going to go out of my way to pay more, but I don't think it's unfair to charge twice the material cost on something like this. That's a common pricing approach on things like jewelry that use precious metals (like silver!) or other...
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    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    I don't have one. I believe I have a few silvered bolts but I'm not certain. Liam