Visiting Alchemist Seeking a Workshop!


Hello! I've heard so much about Wayside but I've never actually been, and it sounds like this might be my last chance to get the real Wayside Experience since things are calming down so much! Some of you might recognize me as, "hey, who's that guy following Sera Fiona around?" but I think there'll be a lot of new faces for me.

I've done a handful of different things throughout my life but right now I'm mostly focusing on music and alchemy. I'm not sure it would really be worth it for me to invest in a whole workshop just for a weekend, but if somebody has enough space in theirs for me to get some work done I'd greatly appreciate its use - this may be somewhat immodest, but I can get quite a bit of work done with the proper facilities. I'm certainly willing to pay for the rental, whether that's in coin or in labor, just let me know the price!

I've listened in on some of your spider planning and I'm currently planning to mix up what I can for curatives, Enslavement Antidotes, things like that. If you know the right trick, a basic alchemical Antidote can fix just about anything those spiders'll throw your way - or that's the theory, at least. I'm looking forward to trying it out in the field!

Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks here!
Friend Friend,

The Lizardmen Tribe of Buckland will provide up to 5 alchemy workshops to use Saturday morning after the issue plaguing our village is dealt with. We would provide sooner, but we need them to prevent attacks from this creature.

Rezzik, Leader of the Lizardmen