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    Thank you all for the kind words and good memories. I was a pleasure and an honor to run HQ for you all.
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    Duke Nevin

    Please contact me privately, Chulainn. Thank you. Nevin.
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    News for the Closer

    The Closer will be hard starting at 11:00 pm Friday Night. We will have more information in the days before the event. It will be posted here.
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    A mass dreaming

    Enough. 20 gold reward for Vox's capture. More for proof of his permanent death. Effective immediately. Sir Nevin Kendrick Duke of Ashbury Regent of Icenia
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    The Festival of Draconalia

    From the office of the Court of AmisMoore: It is known to us the current strife surrounding the newly resurfaced Dragons and Wyverns, so the Court would like to illustrate that centuries ago these beings inspired every sort of artistic expression and several festival holidays in the formative...
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    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    More info! During the ball hours Camp will send out no combat to preserve the fanciness of our players. Feel free to dress as nicely as you'd like!
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    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    Additional information: NPCs will be able to play their PCs for the hours of 5pm to 9pm on Saturday so they can get their party on.
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    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    The HQ staff is really happy to see that everyone is excited for having an IG Ball, so we've decided to make it a Masquerade and announce it far enough ahead that players will have a chance to acquire a fancy mask. We're still in planning stages for the event, so as more information becomes...
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    A Dream of Approaching Avarice

    As his chalices were filled to the brim with angry spirits, so were his circles of power. As his warriors' bodies reformed, they had weapons and armor thrust upon them. All of his ships refit and restocked in his cove, all of his unliving captains ate their fill of the flesh of the living, and...
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    HQ May event Favorites!!

    To give you an idea about just how hard y'all fought Saturday night, the statting difficulty of the whole thing was "Collin...are you sure about this...?"
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    HQ May event Favorites!!

    "Rock of Corrheim, fuckstick."
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    May 22-24 Event Registration

    Collin B to NPC. Just prelogged.
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    The Wylderkin of Tar'Navaria (New Wylderkin Packet)

    The Wylderkin of Tar'Navaria written by Frank Willig.
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    Steampunk Alliance

    I've given this concept a bunch of thought. Here's some snippets a I jotted down:
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    Winter IBGAs

    Deadline is March First.