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    September favorites

    Hey all, let the staff and others know what your favorite moments from this past event were/are. I was only there for Saturday and now I need to keep reminding myself that I'm over fifty, out of shape and broken. But it was fun to be npcing even for a while. Finally bringing the start of a...
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    August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

    A big thank you to the Cinderfell staff and NPCs. Again, you managed to keep an old broken adventurer entertained and reinvigorated for this game. A mini Duorn. Tobias bringing out a statue of Duorn that was being used as a key to a trap door and in the dark I didn't recognize it as being me...
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    August 9 - 11 Player List: A light in the distance

    payment sent, should be all set. See you all next weekend!
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    Reaching out to a player

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    Reaching out to a player

    Hi there, I played Duorn last event and want to get in touch with the player that played Orrin(sp?). Could someone get him in touch with me at please?
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    May 31- June 2 "Welcome Mistwalkers"

    Staff and NPC's you hit this out of the park! I had a great time for the part of the weekend I could make. Sorry I left early, but I am still sore. Falling out of the sky as a rift. Figuring out the gargoyle and pulling the pieces together with Ivar. Sounds like I missed it coming to life...
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    May 31 - June 2 Cinderfel player registration - 2.0 Event

    All checked in. Can't wait to see everyone. Super hyped even though I can't stay all weekend. Can't be there on Sunday. But you'll have a Duorn for most of the time!
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    CMA link?

    Thanks, now to figure it out!
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    CMA link?

    Hi folks, just checking in to see if there is a link that I am missing somewhere for the character builder for the new rules. I have a couple of charachters I should work on. Mark
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    Dinner RSVP

    I'm in! Looking forward to it.
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    June Event Favourites!

    Thank you NPC's, staff and PCs. I had a good weekend, and despite planning on only playing Friday and Saturday, ended up playing Sunday as well because of the plot and consequences. Getting Squired! Having my family there to see it happen, and then teasing me about it afterward. Most of them...
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    June 2-4 Event Pre-Registration List

    Paid and pre registered on Friday. Did you receive it?
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    Season Opener May 5-7 Registration Page

    Sent in my payment for the opener! Can't wait to see everyone.
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    Looking to purchase battle magic scrolls

    Nerium, I finally had a chance to sit and go through my scroll stock. I believe I can meet all of your needs with the exception of the following. I only have 1 repel scroll in stock, and 5 stonestorms, Everything else I am able to provide. I will have them with me at the gather. If you no...
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    Looking to purchase battle magic scrolls

    Nerium, I will take a look at my stock. I should be able to meet most of your needs, if not all. I may be able to craft some of those that I do not normally keep in stock if no one else has them on hand. I will get back to you with the information once I check supplies. I can be reached by...