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    Fivver's grand acadamia is now open for all

    I vould very much like to see the manuscripts. I'm a librarian and historian, amongst other things, and I vould love to ponder their unique significance.
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    Celebrating Harvest Season!

    Hmm... I might be up for a bit of camaraderie of that nature. Maxwell
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    Executing the Necromancer Bacon

    I am alveys vith the destroy and harm undead spells ready. Ve give deem a good show eh? Maxwell
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    August favorites

    1. Hanging with HOG 2. Seeing eye Nom 3. Almost epic save of Nom 4. Even though it parts of it sucked, the Fey Curse. Allowed me to stretch my acting skills. 5. Hugs! 6. Killing the forest, very emotional time for Maxwell. Thanks to all the people who volunteer to NPC and the plot runners...
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    What we learned at the June Gathering.

    If more knowledge is needed on the Siegfried matter, I would discuss privately. I do not mean to be secretive, but this involves my family and while not necessarily a private matter, I am still trying to figure out somethings in regards to it. Unfortunately my mistrust of other adventurer's...
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    What we learned at the June Gathering.

    On another note, I have come to an awareness of my innate connection to the spirit realm. I hope that this is something that will become useful or helpful to our endevors. It is something that I am going to be exploring more fully in the near future. One useful thing that I have discovered, I...
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    What we learned at the June Gathering.

    Sorry it has taken so long to respond. My mind and thoughts are elsewhere at the present time and much to be contemplating. Siegfried, he is the being who taught Genesis I believe. I was inside of a memory stone of his. Or rather it was a memory of a biata friend of his, but pertaining to...
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    June event

    14. The help the Fisher's wives. Loved the ambiance.
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    June event

    Yay for our plot runners! Got me hooked again and for the first time in awhile I feel a real direction for Maxwell. Some story line meat to chew on and even got to feel like a hero?! Who would have thought. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Some favs (no particular order): 1. Figit...
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    Donations needed

    I will pick up a bulk box of baby wipes.
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    General Meeting 3-12-17

    I'd be willing to pick up some snacks to help out if desired.
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    The identity of a being is through their actions and words.
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    Tombstone Translation

    Um, I have under good authority that the spirit of Despair is contained, at least temporarily.