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    Where we've left it

    More information on the Wild Hunt: We know the Wild Hunt will sleep through the winter but will come back in the spring to hunt again. When they do this they will undoubtedly continue killing and kidnapping as well. Lor'tek said he might be willing to make some sort of deal with us when I went...
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    September Favorites

    Hearing all about the investment opportunity for operation beat my meat and all the laughs that ensued Late night stargazing with Agate and Cass Interrogating a potential assassin to find out he is actually just trying to plan a birthday party (and then getting him to commission a birthday...
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    Potion makers and suppliers wanted

    I agree we should all be carrying pick me up potions so we can lighten the load for our healers. I think it would also be useful to start trying to amass a few potions that remove problematic effects. It's less important than pick me ups or cure disease but I think being aware and able to solve...
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    August 2021 Favorites

    I was only able to show up for part of Saturday but it was so worth it! -Going to make sure Arthur was safe by following Lor'tek into the Fae realm was wild, terrifying, and was paid off with some valuable information. -Arthur taking me on as apprentice in the Slayers Guild! -Going to fight in...
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    July 2021 Favorites!

    Zihr's knighting ceremony. It was great to finally clear the air between us. Watching Edwina getting squired! Getting a group together to fight weird creatures. I am excited to see if the Marshall of the Wild Hunt makes more appearances. Both of the orb missions and all the chaos those...
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    Blacksmithing Services - July

    Cass, I am in the market for 2 Long Hammers as it seems I am yet again out of backups. Mint
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    October Celestial Services

    Hi Beryl, I have an arcane armor that I want to get cast. I might also have a few more things to add on to it but I am not sure as of right now. Could you pretty please help me cast it? Mint
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    An open letter

    Little one: Stay strong and stay alive. We are coming to get you and Ghauld. To the people who kidnapped our friends: Zihr and I may have our differences but at the core we are still allies. I will do everything in my power to destroy you and bring back Little One and Ghauld. You have signed...
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    The search begins

    I will join the search. If there is any place in particular you want me to search please let me know. Mint
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    September Favorites

    -Crono coming to town and all the fun rp -Trying to do damage control on my last name -Showing off my pretty hammer -selling out of scones -The rp after finding out that crono and cammie didn't get ported back Saturday night, even though it was devastating -Trying so hard to go fight the purple...