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    Oriental Themed Characters

    For better or for worse, you're going to see a bias towards warriors because the vast majority of our mechanics (and often plot) are combat-oriented. It's entirely possible to be a noncombatant, but it will be a lot more work for you as a player to engage with plot and feel relevant.
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    Donations list for 2021 Season

    The standard job-site round Igloo cooler is 13" in diameter and 19.5" tall with the lid on.
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    Denver Vaccine Offer

    Fun concept, may take you up on that, as I just got my first stick today.
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    Races and Age growth

    Likely true, except the setting explicitly states that's not possible and children are always one or the other. :)
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    Discussion Thread Alliance Las Vegas

    Wouldn't be a bad thing to provide more detail, if people are that concerned. If nothing else, so people from out of state know what to look for before deciding to travel to the game once travel exists again.
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    Races and Age growth

    I intentionally don't recognize it in-game as it is one of those points where the rules require shrugging and going with 'such is how the world is'. Questioning it too closely requires breaking character. I personally feel racial lifespans are a mistake to have written into this sort of game...
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    Favored Shield Shape

    I find huge shields are something I love NPCs to have. I however know how to throw a wrap shot.
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    CMA Change Log

    Awesome, thanks!
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    That one thing you bought.

    Same but period shoes with vibram soles. Specifically these latchet shoes. Although I do have a pair of big, stompy waterproof hiking boots for winter events. Also, the biggest game changer was when my buddy Josh introduced me to reflectix. It's an insulation material that is basically...
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    CMA Change Log

    As a question, is there a trick to selling back spell slots? I have yet to figure it out.
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    Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (Table Top RPGS)

    MERPs. Man, there's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time. Rolemaster is a cool and good system if you're crunch-tolerant, and I wish you all the best in finding players!
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    Favored Shield Shape

    This right here is all the shield anyone needs. I don't like strapped shields in general for Alliance, because they're harder to get out of when you get disarmed, are packet magnets, and we don't hit hard enough to need the extra mass in a shield to help soak impacts.
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    Alliance Instragram

    Should tell someone to do a quick spellcheck: 'It is one of the oldest & largest Live Action Fantacy games in America. ' ;)
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    CMA Change Log

    A PDF with screens would be trivial to turn into a powerpoint with voiceover. Just sayin'... :)
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    Combat Enjoyment since 2.0

    I mean after all, a Doom Blow that murders a crunchy who then goes and respawns and one that gets Dodged are identical results at the end of the day, only the first one feels a heck of a lot better for the PCs.