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    Need help developing a PC Villain Idea- Cult Leader?

    Alexander knows what's up on this. Remember, we as players do a lot of positive metagaming regarding other PCs to keep the game playable. Stuff like not just bashing players for fun or because they drop better loot than anything but the biggest of boss monsters. Outright villain PCs take...
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    General 2.1 beta crafting feedback

    This hits something that has been repeatedly brought up as a primary game design principal in both 2.0 and 2.1: minimizing the amount of time players are prevented from actively playing the game. The same logic has reduced duration of take-out effects, and installed meditate and other means to...
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    Sample Text Error | Earth Storm

    Should be "Spell Strike 10 Healing".
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    Call for New Character Concepts

    Neat, thanks!
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    Call for New Character Concepts

    On that note, is there a plan to have local race packets available prior to the first games, so that new players can have an idea of what to expect?
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    Raleigh is proud to endorse B3 for your Larp weapon needs!

    They make neat stuff that's not Alliance legal as well. I picked up a pair of their nerf-ball flintlock DIY kits a couple years ago, and they're well built and fun to play with. Rather wish they were a thing in Alliance sometimes. :)
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    AWY Consolidated 2.1 Questions/Concerns List

    For what it's worth, while it would be extremely frustrating for a lot of folks who've put a lot of money into their characters over the years, a full reset with explicit level caps would in my opinion be a really good thing for the game in the long term. Much as I take advantage of it with a...
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    Suggestions for Lifestyle Options

    My biggest concern is that while these do seem like a way to get coin back into logistics' hands, they also smell a bit of pay-to-win. Having no overall level cap or functional limit to number of MIs already creates a situation where the characters with greater resources can hang around...
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    Latex Weapons

    I prefer latex weapons overall, if they're done by a reputable company that has decent QC. The extremely cheap ones tend to have minimal foam and are not terribly safe. Hitting hard is a problem with the user, not the weapon. We're a light-touch game, not a sufficient force game. That said, I...
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    New Footwear

    Going in the opposite direction, I actually wear a pair of 16th century style latchet shoes (with a modern vibram sole).
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    Oriental Themed Characters

    For better or for worse, you're going to see a bias towards warriors because the vast majority of our mechanics (and often plot) are combat-oriented. It's entirely possible to be a noncombatant, but it will be a lot more work for you as a player to engage with plot and feel relevant.
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    Donations list for 2021 Season

    The standard job-site round Igloo cooler is 13" in diameter and 19.5" tall with the lid on.
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    Denver Vaccine Offer

    Fun concept, may take you up on that, as I just got my first stick today.
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    Races and Age growth

    Likely true, except the setting explicitly states that's not possible and children are always one or the other. :)
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    Discussion Thread Alliance Las Vegas

    Wouldn't be a bad thing to provide more detail, if people are that concerned. If nothing else, so people from out of state know what to look for before deciding to travel to the game once travel exists again.