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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    On Maelstrom legal systems, I push for a unique court system exclusively for Lantern Bearers since our efforts (and crimes) are usually pretty far outside the realm of typical legal systems. The town as a whole would have a separate and probably far more traditional legal system that we would...
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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    Resete, First, I would like to note that in many lands and many cultures it is true that nobility (or equivalents thereof like elders, shamans, chiefs, etc.) do not require evidence to enact punishment. This discussion here is purely related to the land of Maelstrom and even more specifically...
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    A few words on Law and Order in the Maelstrom (safe)

    Baron Sir Marcus, To my knowledge no judgement has been rendered unto Resete by the nobility, you may have been misinformed. Embrawk, perhaps this is where the miscommunication lies? Resete hasn't done anything that is objectively illegal and worthy of punishment despite our lack of legal...
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    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    Hello Resete! The situation in Maelstrom stands as it is. Desky was contacted and gave his side of things and work began on seeing if a change could be made to his sentence in Maelstrom. He is still a free man in the eyes of Tharros nobility until the nobility there tells me otherwise. The...
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    Controlled Spirit Store and Circles

    Hey all! The Controlled Spirit Store (bottling) ritual scroll states: This would imply that the person resurrecting must resurrect at their bottle. However, I've heard conflicting information about whether or not a person with a CSS has the option to resurrect at an earth circle with their...
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    Working on a Character

    Heya! Here's the email list of all the staff, you want 'logistics' for stat-related character creation and one of the two plot teams for backstory. You could also email your general idea to both plot teams and ask them which world it fits better in. For a vague explanation, Enerret/Brimms...
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    Rodent Ears

    I make realistic LARP appliances/prosthetics, and I also have pet rats (live models!). Not to plug myself hard or anything, but I'm open for commissions right now. I have a link to photos of stuff I've done in the past- mostly masks- in my signature.
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    Gender and larp

    (I do not identify as non-binary) We have non-binary players and non-binary visiting players in my chapter- most of them that I've met also play non-binary characters though sometimes they choose to play binary characters! It's probably a combination of general geekiness and being a...
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    Theres A New Kid In Town!

    The chapter is usually pretty cool about loaning out weapons to first time players particularly if you don't want to invest right away! You're right that commercial latex swords run like ~$100, but there are local players that can make more classic boffers for ~$30. A lot of us also have the...
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    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    This is not directed at you Dame but rather a general update to the dream based on some of the frequently asked questions I have been receiving. I will dream to you separately. Desky O'Houlihan is not at large. His punishment is exile from Maelstrom. The Obliteration is the consequence for if...
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    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    Greetings Desky, I am pleased to hear it. I expect that will be the safest spot and most conducive to having this issue resolved. If you are willing to speak to me through dream prior to that gather, I would appreciate your telling of the events of your resurrection in Enerret. As far as I am...
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    [SAFE] Announcement Regarding Desky O'Houlihan

    ((OOG to review the SF local Dreamscape rules regarding "safe" dream postings, please look here.)) Greetings all. It is my duty as a recognized lord of the land of Maelstrom to inform all who aid our cause here that the dark selunari, previously human, previously mystic wood elf, known commonly...
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    Just to clarify

    Man, if that's the way he goes, what a goddamn way to go. Hats off to you for both handling the situation super well OOG and providing some of the most bananas PC driven roleplay I've ever seen.
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    Wood Elf helmet

    My friend and IG brother has a helmet he had custom made for him which has leather 'horns' on it. They don't actually fit over his prosthetics though, he picks one or the other.
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    Last Review of the Season

    I loved the overarching plot for this weekend! Both the best comedic fae curse I've ever seen and the most poorly timed coincidental fae curse in the same scene. Incredible. "BROTHER YOU'RE... YOU'RE RUINED! YOUR HONOR IS BESMIRCHED! Hooray I'm going to be an uncle!" All the different...