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    Through the dreaming, for the comfort of the refugees and imprisoned

    Ka’Azaeros awakens, heart cold. Fury blazing. There will be blood...
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    Second chances

    I am seeking a to leave behind he last semblance’s of the life that was chosen for me that I may truly start anew. As such I am seeking a spirit forge scroll and catalysts to cast it. I will pay handsomely for these and will be willing to bargain for further payment if I am unable to front the...
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    can we get clarification on the effectiveness of shields. From what I’ve come to understand in Denver, a slash blocked at 50%or more is blocked vie shield or weapon. Whilst a thrust of any contact at all was taken. Thus allowing useful application of deflection while giving greater variety in...
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    Favorite moments

    The dilemma of the slave. On the one hand,....... KILL THE SLAVERS!!!!! On the other, protect everyone from the terrors of all out war. So conflicted. Wish I was young enough not to care about the consequences. James aka lopicorn aka justin
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    Party on dudes