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    I am seeking a to leave behind he last semblance’s of the life that was chosen for me that I may truly start anew. As such I am seeking a spirit forge scroll and catalysts to cast it. I will pay handsomely for these and will be willing to bargain for further payment if I am unable to front the full cost at once.
    With regards,
    James Ka’Aros.

    (OOG note, I have begun to find myself increasingly unable to fight without causing further physical harm/strain to myself. I wish to continue with James as my character, as I have invested a great deal of time into him as a charachter. However, due to injuries and strain caused by life, I can no longer fill the pure fighter build I have him. I will be willing to pay IG and OOG to get this ritual so I can continue to give my all safely.)
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    I encourage you to talk to Guildmasters Kovol and Thaddeus (the ritual is general, so one or both may know of it's nuances) regarding the following...

    I know at the very least, besides the scroll, a ritual caster to read the scroll and perform the act, the components listed upon the scroll (there are 4), you will need the Essence (sometimes Source) of Lycanthropy, a Reagent that acts as a Catalyst for the ritual.

    Besides this, to learn the new abilities, you must have a teacher instruct you in EACH new skill you wish to learn that you did not know with your previous memories. From my experiences, reforging your spirit can be a long, painful and arduous process.

    I wish you luck in this endeavor, and may the wind always be at your back.

    -Brother Faux
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    ((PMed about med forge, in case that turns into a landslide...))
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