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    Favorite Moments Thread Labor Day Weekend 2019

    This is gonna be a long one, everybody, because this game was awesome. First and foremost, a bit of an umbrella: the S.S. Pluvarien at a game at last! Erin and I have spent a lot of time developing the relationship between our characters via online roleplay since they met at the National game...
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    March 2019 ~ Favorite moments!!

    Hoo man. It's been too long since I wrote one of these. - First and foremost, oh goodness, all of Team Tiatar at the same game! It's been a while since that happened for more than an afternoon. - Trying desperately to rally the town to arms when I realized the attackers weren't just trying to...
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    Denver October Favorite Moments and thanks!

    Oh man, this event was a kicker for Squire Demvarien. In no particular order: Getting to introduce two cousins and a family friend to this crazy hobby I'm so madly in love with. Spotting Morningtide's belt while NPCing for the Port Tyrok mod and calling him out for being a knight. Squire...
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    August 31 - Sept 2 Favorite Moments!

    - The introductory round robin mod was so cool. It really set the stage, and as an Acarthian with no knowledge of what was going on it was really cool to just be thrown into the deep end. Also, I got to save babies from a burning building, which is possibly the most chivalrous thing Demvarien...
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    Post your favorite moments here!

    Better late than never: - Channeling my depressed self on Friday night. Demvarien has been having a rough time with some things lately and they have weighed heavily on his mind. I was glad to notice other people picking up on it, that means I sold it. - Going for a walk with Jax and all of the...
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    Introducing The Compendia Acarthia

    Goodman Percy, I think this is an excellent idea for getting all of the people of New Acarthia on the same page. Too often do we waste time between gathers trying to find information somebody else already has, to say nothing of opportunities missed during gathers. For my part, I am willing to...
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    Healers Guild Lesson in Hunting Undead

    Sir Tiree, What do you mean by members of the Healer's Guild? Full members invested in the Circle, apprentices, aspirants?
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    Continuing a discussion

    Zakar, my apologies it took so long for anyone to see this. I'll let Their Excellencies know you wish to speak with them at their earliest convenience. - Demvarien Corinthus, Squire to Baron Eldred Morningtide
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    Nationals 2018 favorite moments

    Where to start!? Oh man, I guess we'll start with the biggest highlight: 1. THE HOMESTONE. We only have 2-3 biata at any given event in Denver and thus don't really get much biata plot. It was super cool to put some emphasis on that piece of Demvarien's heritage, as his biata nature often gets...
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    Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

    In no particular order: -- Interacting with Aikoll all weekend. I really love the way she plays off Demvarien. -- The Void Fight Saturday night. It was so tense and I feel like I had a great opportunity to show who Demvarien is, for better and for worse, in running off by myself in a completely...
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    Howling Woods Bandits

    Demvarien appears in the mists of the dream with a rather serious look on his face, standing in his full battle attire. Adventurers of New Acarthia, I come seeking information. If any of you have heard anything about any bandit groups hiding out in the Howling Woods, I would ask you to share...
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    Howling Woods and Thousand Bones

    Demvarien Corinthus of Tiatar manifests in the dream, fully armored in his chainmail and white surcoat. A well-made, upholstered chair appears across from Thousand Bones'. Demvarien takes a seat, resting his right ankle atop his left knee and folding his fingers together in contemplation...
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    October 17 favored moments!

    Man, this was a great event for me. Lots of cool roleplay and character moments. In roughly chronological order: The brothers Corinthus being reunited and fighting side by side for the first time since the War of a Thousand Skirmishes! Out of character, my brother (who portrayed my character's...
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    Information Wanted: "Vysen"

    The tribes of the Howling Woods will be in some fashion electing a Vysen during October; this individual will serve as Dargok's right hand. The Town Guard is interested in any information about this process, but especially how this Vysen will be chosen, whether there will be a moot to decide...
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    Ballroom Dance Lessons

    Can somebody put me in touch with the woman (whose name escapes me and I sincerely apologize for that) who is doing the dance lessons for the October event? I can't find the Alliance Denver Dance page on Facebook, and Demvarien would definitely know how to ballroom dance so I need to get some...