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    Translation of Text from Inside the Sea Chest

    Please be sure to also thank my sisters, Lilith, Jote, and Nya for their work in translating these passages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Translation of Text from Inside the Sea Chest

    The following is the full translation of the pages discovered in the chest that was brought by the Fae of sea and sky during our voyage through the Maelstrom. I have attempted to place them in the appropriate order but some passages may be out of sequence. “Councilor, As I mentioned before...
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    Season Closer Feedback

    Gotcha. My gut response as an NPC was to just crumble if I thought I did something wrong (like accidentally calling eviscerate a few times, whoops). I thought you were referring to a situation that happened . Also; put a 'pin' in it" ? Nice one.
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    Season Closer Feedback

    This is going to be really unorganized so I apologize in advance. Firstly, thanks to the plot team, & NPCs you guys make so much of this world feel so very real. Thank you Brigit and Joe for making food, which was all amazing. I had a bunch of stuff I wrote trying to adequately say how I...
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    Stitch and Sticks

    Definitely interested!
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    August Guest Event Feedback

    Story/plot related comments: First off, I want to say that this whole event was the dryad equivalent of Disneyland for Trellis, because of the weird plant monsters, weird ancient magic, and dryad ruins trapped with jokes and sealed with puns. I really enjoyed the world you guys created. Making...
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    The Celestial Society

    I would definitely be interested in getting together and collaborating with other celestial mages. What level of commitment would be required by members? I cannot make scrolls yet, but I would be happy to help teach celestial magic to those willing to learn. - Trellis
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    What's the point of Oak of the Arcane?

    Okay that makes sense. Thank you! I was considering getting a staff skill for that purpose but it takes so much high magic to be able to use that that I'd rather just go for other things. Plus, my understanding of celestial caster tactics suggest that if you're having to block something you're...
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    What's the point of Oak of the Arcane?

    Hi there, I play a relatively new celestial scholar just getting into formal magic and high magic, and I was wondering why anyone would purchase Oak of the Arcane? It seems to be way over-costed for what it does, which is basically just turn a staff into a wand. I could see how it would be...