Translation of Text from Inside the Sea Chest

Sal Mancuso

The following is the full translation of the pages discovered in the chest that was brought by the Fae of sea and sky during our voyage through the Maelstrom. I have attempted to place them in the appropriate order but some passages may be out of sequence.


As I mentioned before, I believe that there is a presence directing these things. Not as direct as the grove guardians, but …

… is why the councilors have agreed to limit any excursions out to open waters to only the most vital. Lets hope we figure out where these things are coming from, and soon.

… been investigating strange occurrences off the coast of the pillar, some sort of twisted sea life have been spotted near the southern outpost. The…

… surprising thing is the cohesive way they move together, especially when that angler fish showed up. That being said, it hasn’t been all work. Moriana and I…

I can sense it all the time. It wants our help, our understanding. It’s will is awe inspiring. Unending deep, and powerful as The Sea Itself

...We have finally achieved understanding. Unified thought has given us the knowledge to better understand each other. How we can work together for united goals. We seek and find purpose in our grandest undertaking.

If you too desire meaning, desire purpose, bring the ritual scroll to the southernmost point of the pillar. Sink into the trench and find our hiding place. Cast the summoning and we shall join together with Glorious Purpose.”

*Followed by a crudely drawn map depicting a peninsula off the southern point of the Island of Karbodis*

It seems that whatever has been controlling the strange sea life that we have been encountering near Kalinthas can be summoned with the summon extra planar creature scroll that was also inside the box. It also seems like the creatures are hiding in that area.

-Trellis, of the Forest, and the Pride

Sal Mancuso

Well done.

Thank you for sharing this information.


Please be sure to also thank my sisters, Lilith, Jote, and Nya for their work in translating these passages.

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I think it's probably prudent to avoid casting that ritual until we have a better idea of what's going on.
This warrants more investigation.

It's probably also prudent to remove this from the public sphere.

Order of the Emerald Flame


Dear Trellis,

Your attempt to interpret the meaning and order of these perplexing texts is appreciated. Hopefully sense will be made of it all soon.

Travel safely, brother.



Dear Trellis of the Forest,

This text you have translated is absolutely fascinating. I’m working on some similar research as a part of my studies, and I would absolutely be interested in meeting with you to see this language that you’ve translated. We could also spend some time theorizing about language as a construct and its many different meanings and implications.

If you have some time in the near future, please let me know!

Eagerly Excited,
Ash Wilson
First Year Student of Linguistics at Actaea University