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    Feb One Day Favorites!

    First of all seeing everyone step to up keep amping up the costuming was very satisfying. Lots of great improvements out there. I sat down right away on the puzzles but before long I had to step into the fight along side Thudd, Ardos, and a few others dedicated to the fight. The whole thing...
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    Seeking to Arrange an Audience

    Rodarr, I do not know Master Fuzzbottom by name or reputation. I too am a refugee of the world of Tyrra, and I can confirm he is forthright with his information and, to best of my personal education, what he says is correct. As his communications have been plainspoken and candid I see no reason...
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    Seeking to Arrange an Audience

    I will be in attendance to assist. For any other adventurers planning to be there to lend assistance please allow me to clarify something very important. I have had several dealings with different Faerie courts and I feel many, if not all, adventurers critically need this information. Accorded...
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    Jan 2020 Thanks and Favorites

    I had a great time this past one day. Let me hit my highlights: My primary does not do puzzles, or hardly ever does them for reasons. Finally playing a character that will and getting the mother of all puzzle mods was a great treat for me. I thought making use of every scrap of indoor space as...
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    Seeking to Arrange an Audience

    Dragonreach, Whom has the crown appointed as the lead in these negotiations? I would like to offer my services in this endeavor to said ambassador. XXI
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    Favorites 2 November on days

    I really enjoyed this past one day. I would like to talk about the roleplay experiment we had on Friday night to get some feedback. Challenges included: -Friday night, real-life forces a semi late start. -Cold but not that cold, great time to enjoy a Yonki fueled a massive bonfire. -Tiny...
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    October Closer 10/18-20/19 Feedback

    So I had a great time this weekend. Thank you plot, thank you NPCs, thank you PCs. I had been dying to play XXI since the 2.0 change over and working on his costume for over a year. I learned quite a bit about my build thanks to the great variety of monsters we got to fight. It was also a...
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    TShirts and SoMi Swag

    We have lowered the cost of our store items and will maintain this 10% discount until Chris-mas. It will stack with all other discounts offered by RedBubble. So here is a coupon for anyone who hasn't purchased from RedBubble before: Take $20 off! This is...
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    Store Discounts!

    Presently If you download the RedBubble app you can get a 30% discount on the SoMi store merch. To pile on with the end of the year sales we have lowered the prices of all items by 10%. We will hold the sales prices until Chris-mas. Please feel free to run wild in the store. There are a number...
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    Dragonfall Favorites

    So it's my turn now. I'm very glad people have gushed a bit so I handle the terrible guilt of doing the same #sorryNOTsorry This was the best Dragonfall yet. I know I'm speaking as an owner and plot member so my thoughts are certainly skewed on the matter, but I offer this to refute some of...
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    IBGA for Zoo Salad, Deadline: tonight 7/31

    Just in case anyone needs it here is the guide:
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    IBGA for Zoo Salad, Deadline: tonight 7/31

    Hello Dryads and Kin, If you have not placed an IBGA in yet and you don't know what to submit please know that anyone that had contact with the spirits at the last Kalinthas event is invited to join Zane in my own IBGA I am presently submitting. Zane will be wandering wherever possible in the...
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    Highlights from May 31- June 2!

    My turn then. Again I know it comes from staff... but I had a great event. This was a really roleplay heavy event for me, spelled with a capital H and like 10 wow emojis. Most of which I cannot speak in detail of course, but you know who you are. -Lets get the obvious one out of the way: Ko...
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    May/June Tavern

    I like everything I see here.
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I know right? [emoji16] I have tried and failed twice with my dark elf NPC now to work the grey right. I’m ether going to emulate this deep “ash” blue or I’m going to straight up copy Chris here with his ash coloring.