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    Havens Laws. Posted within the outer walls

    ((Would the laws be updated to include law 13? What did HOWIE decide the punishment was for breaking law 13? Hopefully not an obliterate.))
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    Havens Laws. Posted within the outer walls

    Seraphina read this to herself.
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    Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

    When the volcanic earthquake erupted, Seraphina almost steadied herself, but tripped and fell in the end. Was this time? She then felt the earthquake pass, and got up, brushing off her cloak and picking up the rocks that spilled out of her bag. Seraphina then steadied herself as she stood up...
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    Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

    Seraphina sighs, looking at Tixor with disappointment. She speaks, “He was fine. You are just making an unnecessary fuss.” She turns to the construct, “Could you tell me anything more about what was causing the earthquakes?”
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    Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

    Seraphina is snapped out of her thoughts when the construct interrupts itself, and turns to it. Worried about this now, she asks, “Wait, what did you say- Howie, is it? What’s causing the seismic occurrence? Is that an earthquake? Is it natural?” Seraphina would have several things on her...
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    Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

    Seraphina would wake up late today, having had an interesting dream last night. She seemed uneasy to anyone watching her, if they looked closely enough. They might be able to see worry, confusion, and distress if they were noticing her enough. Was this because of the upcoming trials, and...
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    Hibernation Midnight Snack for Solrex

    Solrex would be hibernating at this time, this post has been edited to errata out anything that would say otherwise. Solrex is still asleep.
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    Seraphina Searching for a Gauntlet Group

    (OoC: I want to be in one of the afternoon groups) Seraphina would look around the Caravan, looking for people to go team up with for the gauntlet. She wanted to do it later rather than sooner, and absolutely under no circumstances would she agree to accept Bambo into her group. That was just...
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    Dungeon Run teams for the Gauntlet

    Not sure who I’m with yet, but I’d prefer to be in the afternoon, rather than the morning. Just note that my character would be willing to do almost anything to not be on a team with Bambo, but I don’t personally want to get up too early on a Saturday if I can help it...
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    Haven 1:3 Sanctuary in Bal Durahm

    Also, do we not do NPC votes for the winter? Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but there is someone specifically I wanted to vote, and I don't see the option to do so.
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    Haven 1:3 Sanctuary in Bal Durahm

    1. Post your favorite moments. -Honestly, just being in character, and being able to get into a fight that was not a real fight was nice. But, for the most part, being able to remove myself from a fight, but still have one, brought up nostalgia of similar moments in my childhood. -Being able to...
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    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Yeah, someone else from Calgary also referred me, which is known as the tomato seed effect. 1 tomato plant has thousands of seeds, and if you plant all those tomatoes, those create thousands of thousands of seeds! Anyways, I donated for the good deal on GS, that’s a pretty high rate of GS to...
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    Speed packets wanted

    What’s the difference between a spell packet and a speed packet? Cause I sure could use a speed packet to incant faster lol.
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    Haven 1:2 Follow the Yellow Brick Road event review

    1. Post your favorite moments. The shadow clone fight. By far, please do more of that in the future. See 4. For more details. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix). Meh, most of the encounters seemed too short and ended too easily, although maybe I just need...
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    Seraphina’s Research: A NOTICE ABOUT GOBLINS

    After researching goblins after dying to them, and going over what happened to herself, Seraphina had come to some research. Pulling up a few pieces of parchment, she wrote down a rough draft then copied out into a few copies to hand out, whether putting them up in various places or handing...