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    (June) Favorite NPC

    Ugh, tough choice. So much awesomeness. Waythune was just.. mental, fun but scary. Logan ( Scarlet ) great costumes! Sara did amazing with her forgetfulness, really, all of you brought some character or another to life. Brooke, the servant on the Silver Rose.. Classic moments :) You guys make...
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    EVENT REVIEW: Under the Lux's Thumb (May 2018)

    1. Post your favorite moments oh, where to start? fae runs were so much fun. Rex's drunken traps, there's just a lot. I even got an instamod ( Drink me ) my third ever. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) I'd have to agree with Emily.. no male help is a bit...
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    FAVORITE NPC: "The Lux and the Forest" (April 2018)

    I don't see Nicky in the list... am I blind? sadly, I didn't meet a lot of NPC's for very long, but that stampeding cow through the battle was funny.. Apple.. she was sweet..
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    FoC teams

    Yes, the Wolf Brothers are coming back, and we still have room!
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    I only brought it to his attention a couple hours ago. He may not have realized. I see the update was released 2 days after the original. :) anyways, Yes. I like it! :) Sometimes it includes us both moving out of the mud, and other times, our pause is simply the space of a breath.. You will...
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    Sorry, I can't help you on that, I wasn't at our chapter's june 11 playtest, so I procrastinated in dl and reading it. Summer Skirmish was fun though.. ( Vikings, Romans, Medieval, Warhorse trainers, WW1 and WW2 re-enactors.. ) I don't recall if there was an amendment announcement or not.
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    Addressing critical feedback, burden of proof, and player feedback

    I would just like to say, as a player, I feel I have had ample time, and feedback opportunities, and they don't always fall on deaf ears. It's in our reviews, it's asked after game if there is time. I have not felt closed out of what's coming, have your say. Very communicative, as far as not...
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    Directly copied from playtest ARBv09 package , not the shorter version I see quoted above : For this Playtest, we’re asking all Playtesters to use a Flurry rule for all attacks (weapon and packet both). This is intended as a constant change to Alliance combat. Under the Flurry rule, a...
  9. Sspyndel just to have it handy, folks. :p just to have it handy, folks. :p
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    There is a thread, in which an attempt was made to explain more, by the author, into flurry.. for the playtest. It is what we do in Calgary.
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    aha, there we go..nice catch. :) clarification..yes, we do switch targets. I believe that also was a question elsewhere too..scenario then, : . So Jax hits 3 on me, 3 on Cipher, 3 on me again.. while I hit 3 on Jax, pause, Cipher hits his 3,.. and as long as we don't have 3 others joining in on...
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    I just double checked the Telus video they did at our chapter, but some of the more intense one on one combat we did for the cameras that day didn't make the final cut. Didn't have a clear bit I could use to show you what our flurry looks like with practice, that this pause really can be merely...
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    Will you attempt to be more respectful and nice and make these forums less a painful place to be?

    I will join you in this brave endeavor. :) and promise to proof read 3 or 4 times, not just twice . Maybe I'll add more emotes as visual cues to others..? My resting B- face seems to seep into typed words...oops :p
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    Race Balance: Hoblings

    I voted yes, simply because I see choices opening up for our two Hobblings.. if they chose to take them. Both ours do a little more RP and costuming flavour then the requirements already, and I'd just like to see them happier. As stated above, unlimited doesn't mean they'll by 10 /day. Allowing...
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    Persistent Damage Cost Change

    Either way, as a rogue, it certainly feels as though it will take 5 years of playing to get up to 10 damage from the back, 2 from the front. Mostly because I want to diversify my skills, RP more, I don't spend lots anyways. Scaling back damage, I can agree with, I can also agree, this is a bit...