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    2020 Dates

    Thank you for the early update!
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    September Cabins

    Thanks for your hard work Logistics man!!!
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    June 2019 Cabin Assignments

    Thank you for doing this! It's total chaos and you put it into order with more ease than most could.
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    Player-run Snack Table at tavern in June and July

    Wayfarers will contribute! Individual snacks and a table cloth for under the snack area.
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    April 2019 favorite moments!!

    Thank you to everyone that helped, PCed, NPCed and just plan brought their A-game! Looking forward to June! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Walking back from the undead battle AKA: Yalinth Spring Festival. Me: Man that...
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    April 2019 Cabin Assignments

    Thank you for working on this!!!
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    2019 potential dates

    August Event has moved to 16-18, right??
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    New players to Alliance

    Good morning everyone. New to Alliance with a small team coming in for the March event. (3 adult players, 2 preteen players.. don't maim them too fast :) ) I have some questions before doing some ordering - Will add to these questions as I go. * Glow sticks (Light Spells) - Specific color...
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    "A plotline never survives contact with a PC"

    "A plotline never survives contact with a PC"