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    Feasting in February

    that person who broke down was me, and i had albert and samara with me at the time, lucky gary was still in area and able to get them back to b-town for me. i agree that flat tire sucks as well and u were missed at the feast.
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    Winter write ups extravaganza '11 ultimate fun

    me? isnt your introduction at event "hi im dan, im vulgar." ? :funny:
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    Winter write ups extravaganza '11 ultimate fun

    do i even WANT to know what they were shooting out of then?
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    a story for v-day

    I looked over my gathered brothers and sisters from my position on a pedestal above them. Their eyes aglow with yellow light, adding to the light given off by the torches and braziers lit around the massive cavern. They murmured amongst themselves and another cheer arose from them as another...
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    Winter write ups extravaganza '11 ultimate fun

    wasent michigo turned into a juice box durign that fight? or was it she was snapped in two like a twig by bjorn? ;) love you :)
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    Feasting in February

    gavin, your bribery had better be epic im sure dan takes bribes of monetary value
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    Favs for CT/NH November event

    i cant belive i never wrote my favorites for this event, i must have lost my darned mind or something anyway, i absolutly loved saturday's wave battle of crazy ness, i cant begin to discribe how much i kicked my self for not bringing my camera with me from my car when i went into game in the...
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    Important charts

    dude, that is tottaly how video games are made.
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    Just thinking...

    caillen, i never called you stupid, nor made any suggestions as much i only said that there are those with more experience in debating and having lots of meetings. your enthusiasim and interest in doing this, im sure is noted by those who can hear us. and silas, not all twice born seek power...
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    Just thinking...

    no offense caillen, but there are others who have more experience at this. that is if its to happen at all, and happen as silas says it will happen, more of a verbal debate and there is to be no violence. -avalon
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    Just thinking...

    i dont think anyone will be accepting of your "prizes." silas and if legacy did show, that would be a great surprise. -avalon
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    Just thinking...

    silas, while i am unsure of your exact intentions, i can only, hope- i think is the word i am looking for, that your serious about this "debate" or are you intending this "debate" be one of the sword and magic? just a question. -avalon
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    Jackrabbit kin

    on that last one, they totaly stole my idea! i had an idea years ago to do a samurai bunny. and then i find the stupid comic! omg was i mad. but a jackrabbit, that would be cool i play a wolfkin and the way i made my ears was, i took a headband usually ment for hair, and made it so i could...
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    How is everyones winter?

    I dont know about u all but ITS FREAKIN COLD OUTSIDE!! :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: almost as cold as it is inside my house and yeah i has the itch to play again allready.
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    Funny pictures

    @ bottomless pit pic ROFL!!! :funny: