a story for v-day

I looked over my gathered brothers and sisters from my position on a pedestal above them. Their eyes aglow with yellow light, adding to the light given off by the torches and braziers lit around the massive cavern. They murmured amongst themselves and another cheer arose from them as another wave of energy pulsed down from the red crystal imbedded in the ceiling and an orb of purest energy dripped from the point and splashed into the pond below the crystal at the northern edge of the cavern. I knew better, as did we all not to be fooled by its width, which was a mere thirty feet across, but its depth was closer to that of a hundred, deep enough for two titans stacked upon each other to be completely submerged. The red crystal pulsed and formed another drop at its point. I smiled, revealing my numerous serrated fangs and lower tusks. This drop had formed quickly. This meant the day of power was only another few moments away and some had begun exchanging early.

That of course is why we had gathered. We always gathered on this day but today was even more special; today the lake would be filled to its brim. It had taken a long time, many, many years, just over fifteen hundred. Over the course of a year there were other days where the crystal would drop energy. But those were few and far between. The only other day when energy flowed nearly as easily was the second to last week at the end of the year. But this day, the crystal drew the most power. I looked upon the crystal its top half was hidden by the caverns ceiling, and went somewhere above ground. Then it stretched from the caverns ceiling down, sixty feet and ending 5 feet above the lake. Centered in front of the lake and also centered with the crystal, was a platform stage. Two pillars stood on each side of the platform, each ten feet apart and each twenty feet high. There were alcoves, crowded with others who could fly around the cavern that gave way to the tunnels that led to various places in our underground domain.

The red crystal gathered its power from the above world. A world we would soon conquer as the lake was full. Power was generated as the surface dwellers exchanged items of power. The more items that were given freely, the more power the crystal drew in. The drops it extruded would come faster and faster, eventually becoming a full torrent of pure energy. Another cheer erupted and I added my voice to theirs, the cavern reverberated with the sound and the crystal rang out from the echoes. I watched then as the wave of energy fluxed downward along with another right behind it. The two drops fell into the lake and our cheers became a steady roar. Dawn had come. Those in the surface world would soon awake and freely give their items of power to another.

The items that had more value had more power. That was what had been intended when the items were made. In the beginning, there were a select few that had been sent to the surface. They had taken the form of the surface dwellers, and influenced them to craft and also grow the items of power.

Silence came over the cavern. There was not even a fluttering of leathery wings, nor grunting of the titan’s. All eyes were upon the double stone doors on the western wall of the cavern. Slowly the doors opened, six came forth each bearing a lantern in one hand and an item of power in the other and were dressed in robes of red and white. They went to the stairs and ascended them to the platform three standing on each side in a row. When they had settled, our eyes turned to the doorway again. Standing there, was our leader and he was the oldest of us, Enit’ Nelav.

He wore a crown upon his aged white skin and his robes were white with a red cloak. Two hooded similarly robed figures walked beside him. We all bowed upon the sight of our leader. Slowly he made his way to the stairs, and slower yet ascended them. Enit’ Nelav had to pause twice to catch his breath. Understandable considering how old he was. No one complained or even moved until he reached the top, where he motioned for us to stand and we did. The two escorts stood behind him as he stood on the edge. “For generations we have dwelt here underground. Waiting for this day, the last day of power is upon us. Today the lake will be full and our plans will have come to fruition. Even now, those in the world above exchange the items of power that these six with me here, had them craft. On this day, the surface dwellers unknowingly give freely the items they bought to another.” Enit’ Nelav paused a moment while we laughed a moment. The crystal began to hum, waves of energy coming faster now.

Our leader then took a few steps back from the edge and when our leader stood at the center; those who had been carrying items of power took their turns to present them to him. They also conveyed the three words of power to him which he nodded a simple thank you. One was a plant who’s head grew into the color of the crystal it’s self. The second was one that took more time and effort they were sweetened squares in a box that resembled the third item, a poor representation of an internal organ which pumped one’s life force. But which broke easily in the surface dwellers but not always from poor health. The fourth was a collection of small multi colored candies that resembled the third although small sayings were written on these. Younglings that dwelled on the surface made the fifth item the most exchanged, it was made of paper and had some words written on the front and on the inside flap. But it was the sixth; it had the most power out of all the others combined. I didn’t know its appeal. It was only a shiny rock, if made into something more with yellow soft metal, silver, or more shiny rocks with it, the power increased even more. I suppose it’s commonality as it is in any number of our caverns and tunnels were not the case nearer to or even on the surface world.

The final rites performed, our leader gathered all the items of power and approached the edge of the lake. All eyes were upon the red crystal. Waves of power that had been increasing in frequency could barely be seen apart from the next. With one last flux, the red crystal sparked to full glow and hummed with energy, and it flowed like a water fall. At that moment, the leader threw the items of power into the pond. A mighty cheer arose from the titan’s stomped their feet and bellowed loudly. I and those who could take wing did so. The leader faced us, came to the edge of the platform stairs threw his arms up and we all yelled out the words of power, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

-the end

hope you all liked it
-rachel d.