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    game ambience?

    So I'm new looking to play my first game in June. Just curious how often do you guys feel like your in a different world? For those that have played RPGs how often do you feel like your in a real life world of warcraft or skyrim? How good is the ambience for this game?
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    New player with questions

    Idk maybe I was there on the 14th, the guy with the black cloak if that rings a bell. Anyways thanks for the info, question about the weapons, heres a link to a weapon I wanna buy, will this pass the standards?
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    New player with questions

    Great thanks that answers alot of questions. I'm going to try to come for most of saturday and sunday for the June event. I dont think I'd enjoy being a NPC even I've read that people recommend doing that first. I've done some SCA stuff and I've played countless RPGs so I think I'd have the most...
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    New player with questions

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting into this but I have a few questions. I talked to you guys up at the pocono mountain ren faire and honestly after doing some research this seems like a lot of fun! I did read the rule book in its entirety but in it there is some stuff that is not mentioned...