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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    This. Also Staff gains alot if you can thrust with it. Its cost is far too low for that functionality.
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    Big West Legal Release

    If we already have a seattle one on the books, are we good?
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I assume this means Parry and evade work the same way?
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    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    Take Backies seems fine. But if you extend the mediate to cover no effects it makes it all a moot point. As well as helping out newer players by letting them land there fewer skills or not get pushed for not having the right imbuement.
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    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    So.... If an npc is slow to call there defenses against you, You get punished by losing uses of your skill that you would not have if they had called a defense in a timely manner?
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    Does hitting a barrier count as a miss?

    Personally I think what determines if something can be meditated back should be if it uses a skill or spell up to be negated. Otherwise if no resource used against it, it should be fair game to meditate back.
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    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    No effect is certainly Mechanically oog the same thing as a miss. You expend a resource too attack but they don't expend anything to defend.
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    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    A skill being used, vs a static nothing happened are a lot different. I dont think anyone would seriously argue that. We are taking Mechanically out of game No effect is nearly the same as a miss. You are arguing IG dodge skill is like missing. Vastly Different things.
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    No Effect for purposes of Powerful Meditation

    I very much agree with this. Also it really eases up on situations like you hit something with 3 Slays in a row, there is a mini hold so they can count damage from multi attackers, and they tell you no effect to all your slays. Obv if you had a timely call of No effect to the first one, you...
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    Resist Destory Magic and Spirit Locks

    With the change to permanent duration to add a Spirit Lock I am trying to figure how it works. There are some things that are really unclear to me how they resolve. Example: I have earth spirit rituals, including a Resist Destroy Magic. I am hit by a dragon magic, Destroy Magic Earth target...
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    Declining a ritual rules

    I am looking for the rules about declining a ritual effect and taking a res in its place. But they dont seem to be in the rule book. Can someone post them here or direct me to where they are laid out? Edit: Thanks @Inaryn , A follow question, does this apply to your gear? Like say someone...
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    Protective Reflexes

    All kinda niche rules and exceptions for weapon coatings :/
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    Protective Reflexes

    So currently in 1.3 you can spellstrike without being able to use a weapon even. Is this still the case in 2.0? If I have a purify potion coating, can I hit myself to fix the drain?
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    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    I think you can make it 3/ever.
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    May 10-12 Pre-Registration (2.0 Prerelease)

    @kmgates711 Can you reset Tantarus Please.