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    General Lore about the Area?

    I’m excited! I look forward to it! And congrats on it!
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Or a ritual cap?
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Big question is...will there be a level cap by chance?
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Another chapter?! This is great! So many questions! Will there be any info forthcoming soon?
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    April Event Registration List

    Holy NPCs!
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    AGB 2018 Events

    “Final Barran event”? Am I misreading this? Edit: NM. Just read the post on the FB page. That’s what I get for not keeping up lately
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    Did ya'll do the thing?

    The anomaly is still a thing. They (it?) seem to be attacking more often as far as I’ve seen. I think they’re corrupting the plants and animals as well. Trevor Dae
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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    So nothing really special. Necromancy and murder are obvious. I look forward to my visit, Lord Commander. Trevro Dae Ps. Kerak smells....feel free to keep him
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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    Hello. Kerak and I will be traveling through the mists this coming weekend. For me it will be my first. Are there any special laws or anything I should be aware of before I arrive? Thank you in advance. Trevor Dae
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    Alliance Crossroads 2018 Dates

    I’ll be accompanying him
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    Alliance Nationals 2018 in Colorado

    Is Denver still level capped? And if so, does that mean the Nationals will be as well?
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    Late Night Food

    Is this meant to be IG? Just want to know so I can properly respond IG
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    Message for Guild Master Renn

    Guild Master Renn, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Trevor Dae (Oog: FB messenger is fine)
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    August 2017 Event Favorites

    Oh man, oh man, oh man! I was so excited about getting to the new site because I just had to run around in the woods IG and explore! And there was so much to explore! Scoutgasm! Favorites! *Meeting new players. Trevor remembers the time he was brand new. He's blessed to have such an excellent...
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    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    I'll be paying upon arrival.