Traveling to your lands for the first time


Hello. Kerak and I will be traveling through the mists this coming weekend. For me it will be my first.
Are there any special laws or anything I should be aware of before I arrive?
Thank you in advance.

Trevor Dae
Trevor. The town of Sanctuary is an independent city state in the Wylds of Kosmara. The rule of law is relatively new. We are at war with Mercatos and Orenda who have made advances recently. As far as laws are concerned Necromancy is outlawed and is punishable by death. Murder is illegal along with theft and other "typical" laws. There are no special laws to my knowledge but again a true government who can enforce such laws is absent. Basically if you harm someone or their property those people might have a problem with you. Pretty basic stuff. Things to take note of: Mercatos and Orenda will view you as a threat. Adventurers make up most of the resistance against them and they will kill and ask question later. Keep that in mind. If you need assistance let me know. We are honored to have Kerak return and will be happy to host both of you.

Lord Commander Oddat
The Grand Army of the Golden Boar


So nothing really special.
Necromancy and murder are obvious.
I look forward to my visit, Lord Commander.

Trevro Dae
Ps. Kerak smells....feel free to keep him